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First Ride- All-New Triumph TF 250-X

As we age, we begin to realize a few important things. One is that our parents were right more than we thought they were. Second, life is made up of special moments, and it’s these moments that, at times, make us feel lucky just to be alive. I had one of those special moments on Monday when I traveled to ...

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Introducing The 2024 100% Spring Goggle Collection

Discover the Spring 2024 Goggle Collection by 100%: revolutionize your track experience with unrivaled clarity and vision. Leading the pack is the Armega, a champion-approved goggle featuring cutting-edge HiPER lens tech and a hassle-free lens swap system. Dominate every race & ride with the competitive advantage of this powerhouse. #Ride100Percent #SP24 #Goggles #Moto #Racing #SX #MX #Vision #SeeMoreofWhatMatters

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Watch: Rimbey AX- Round 3

Once again Tree Three Media was on hand in Rimbey last weekend to capture all of the exciting action in the Pro Class. This was another great event and everyone is excited to see it back in 2025. Congratulations to Blake Davies on becoming the 2024 Rimbey AX Champion!

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Quinn Amyotte has been down in Florida now for a few weeks, and so far he’s been enjoying his new WLTN Kawasaki bikes. For most of our pro riders this is the time of year when they transition from the gym to riding their dirt bikes. Quinn looks good on his new Kawasaki’s and here is his latest Vlog to ...

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