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Testing Grounds- The MyPitBoard Practice Device

As the Editor at MXP Magazine, I’m fortunate to be able to test a plethora of cool products. Everything from new bikes to gear and even lubricants come across my desk from time to time and I love trying each one out. Recently I had the opportunity to test one of the best products I’ve tried in a long time, the MyPitBoard practice and training device. This computer-based practice tool takes the place of your bar pad and provides the rider with a display screen complete with real-time information to look at while your riding. With this product being satellite-based, it’s extremely accurate, regardless of the mode that you decide to use. All you have to do is remove your existing bar pad, replace it with the MyPitBoard bar pad and CPU, and you’re ready to hit the track. With this simple installment process, it’s easy to use this product during the week while you’re practicing and then re-install your normal bar pad for Sunday’s race. For the official description, here is a quote from

“MyPITBOARD is an on-board real-time feedback system that is designed for both the local club and veteran rider. As a company, we want to provide all riders with access to the tools that professional athletes use to up their game!

MyPITBOARD is a device that instantaneously displays relevant racing information like lap, segment, section, and holeshot times with the simple touch of a finger tip. Once the device is securely mounted onto the bikes’ handlebars and fastened with the MyPITBOARD protective cover, users can easily see training times without the vision complications that can come with a regular pit board. Once completed, it’s time to power on the device and let the real-time racing begin!

**Please note that when riding in hotter temperatures (i.e. 30°C/86°F) we highly recommend purchasing MyPITBOARD’s Anti-Glare Kit. This kit prevents the Bar Pad Cover from adhering to the device’s screen which can cause a glare.

Once the device is powered on and riders have understood and agreed to all disclaimers, MyPITBOARD’s main screen will light up with a selection of four training modes:

Using the device’s touch screen, riders can select what mode they would like to train with to improve their riding performance. Once a mode is selected, a ‘Loading GPS Signal’ screen will appear and remain on the device until a signal is activated. Don’t worry if it’s taking a second — connecting to the GPS can take up to three minutes.”

As I mentioned above, this product comes ready to use. So after a quick charge, I completed the easy installment process and headed out to my track. I was excited to test out the MyPitBoard device on my personal track as I know it very well. Over the past number of years, I’ve done a lot of laps there and sometimes I get bored. Having this cool device giving me feedback was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

After powering it up and sitting stationary in one spot on the track, the ease at which to use this device continued as all of the prompts are on a touchscreen. The first item that has to be taken care of is obtaining a suitable satellite signal from above. This can take a few minutes so you do have to have a little patience, I actually caught myself looking skyward to see if I could see the signal coming down from space. I also found that this was a perfect time to relax, gather my thoughts, and focus on the practice moto ahead. Once you obtain a satellite signal then you simply choose from one of the four modes and wait for the device to tell you to go! It’s that easy to get started and then as you do your laps, each time you pass the spot on the track where you started from, your lap time is displayed largely on the screen in front of you. One of the quick lessons I learned was that it’s best to pick a starting point on the track that allows you to take your eyes off of what you’re doing and glance down at the screen. You do have a few seconds to look down as your lap time remains on the screen for upwards of ten seconds, but I found that a straightaway or less technical section was the best place to use as your starting point. From there, you just ride as many laps as you can and you’re able to see what your exact lap time is, your overall moto time, as well as whether your last lap was faster or slower than the previous one. The device does this by colour coding the time it gives you. Green means that your last lap was faster, while red means it was slower. Do you see what I mean? It’s easy to use, even while your busy trying to ride a dirt bike. Once your moto is done, you can push a button and have all of your lap times displayed on the screen for you. MyPitBoard also comes with a USB cable that can be used for both charging the device, as well as downloading all of your moto information. This allows a rider to keep track of how their training has progressed throughout the season. 

Once your moto is finished you can go back and look over all of your lap times.
This photo shows that my final lap was a little slower than the previous one, that is why it’s displayed in red. Also, the screen shows you what your overall moto time was, as well as how many laps you completed.

I absolutely love this product and now that I’ve used it for a few of my late-season practice sessions I don’t know how I’m going to ride without it. Even as a Vet Rider I still like to practice with a purpose and knowing my laps time is important. Not only does this product give you a great indication of how hard you’re riding, but it also gives you something to do and something to focus on. I would recommend MyPitBoard to riders of almost any age as it’s never too early to know what your lap times are. Due to the hit and miss fall weather in my part of the country, I didn’t get a lot of time to ride and test out all of the modes that this device offers. In fact, I was so impressed with the ‘Lap time’ mode that I only used that particular one during testing. MyPitBoard was both easy to use and it most certainly adds to the fun of everyday practice. As I said, I don’t know how I’m going to practice next year with it. At just under $400, I might have to go out and buy one, or even ask Santa to bring me one for Christmas. If you’d like more information about this cool Canadian designed product, please visit


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