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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

MXP: Hey Newf! Let’s start with last weekend in Arlington. Everyone wants to know how Meston and his KJSC experience went.

RL: That was an experience of a lifetime for Meston and myself. After talking to other people who have done it, I had an idea of what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. They treated Meston like a rockstar, and the smile on his face was priceless. He rode well and got better every time he was on the track, which is all we could ask for. Could he of done better? Yes, but like I said, he improved with each lap that he rode. Overall, it was a great trip, and I have to give a big thanks to the entire KTMJRSX crew for the experience.

MXP: Arlington was also a Triple Crown race in the Monster Energy Supercross Series. Obviously, you were busy with Meston, but from what you were able to see with the racing what did you think? Also, what did you think of the track from floor level?

RL: You’re right. I was pretty busy as the KJSC program is a full schedule, but I was able to catch the last two main of each class. No one could predict the excitement of the final races in each class, as the overall winner was decided late in both races. The track was pretty basic; I feel like they do that for the triple crown event to keep the racing closer. The track raced well, and I liked it. The dirt is so good in Texas; I couldn’t believe how much traction there was. I realized from walking the track that I’m getting older, and every jump and section looked huge (laughs). As a racer, when I walked the track, I was trying to picture what I would do or what I would eventually do. It was scary with how big some of the sections were.

MXP: The press release came out this week announcing that AMO Racing will take over the BC Arenacross Series from Future West. How were you and Ryan Gauld able to figure this whole thing out?

RL: It all came together pretty easily, to be honest. Lesley Reid and Future West wanted to take a step back from AX as it was just becoming a lot with doing both indoor racing as well as outdoor racing. When Lesley and I discussed this, I asked her if it would be okay if I looked for a way to continue on with AX in Chilliwack, and of course, she was cool with it. My first call was to Ryan Gauld, and he jumped all over it. The next step was to meet with Heritage park in Chilliwack to get the green light. AMO Racing paid the deposit, we set the dates, and we’re already working on how to make this a great series. There is no question that Ryan will make these races successful. He has some cool new ideas and a new vision that I think is going to be great for everyone involved. The plan is to continue to get things finalized and release all the information at the WCAN in Kamloops.


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