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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

MXP: Hey Newf! Let’s begin this week with the opening round of the 2023 Future West MX Championships, which took place last weekend in Kelowna. Things got a little wet on Sunday, but overall how was everything from your perspective?

RL: Things went well. We had 470 entries which would make this our largest single event outside of the WCAN in 2022, so we were really happy with the support from our riders. The track was really good on Saturday, and the racing was great in all the classes. We provided long moto’s and the day ran smoothly. It wasn’t supposed to rain Sunday, but it started around 3 am and never stopped till noon on Sunday, which made things a mess. The track was still ridable, but there was a lot of water. We did have to do some tweaking to the track for the 50cc classes, but we finished off the day without canceling anything. We only have one ambulance trip, as well as some bumps and bruises. We are back at it May 6th and 7th up in Quesnel.

MXP: Mother Nature also played a big role in New Jersey on Saturday night. What did you think of Barcia’s big win as well as the riding of Eli Tomac?

RL: I think we could all feel the Barcia win coming as he has been getting better and better the last six weeks, and then when it rained, it almost seemed like a foregone conclusion. He excels in crazy conditions like this, and history has proven that. As far as Tomac goes, he definitely escaped disaster after his practice crash. It looked bad, but he dug deep and returned with a ride that saved the championship. I’m sure as the checkers waved, he was happy that it was over and what the outcome was. With just three rounds left, you have to feel like this is his. As long as he can get through this weekend with maintaining what he has, he’s a favorite for the last two in Denver and SLC. I think they’re calling for rain this weekend in Nashville, and with it being an open-air stadium, anything can happen.

MXP: The AMO Racing OPC Series also kicked off last weekend at Gopher Dunes, and there were quite a few top pro riders in attendance. As you were looking through the results and talking to people there, what are your thoughts on the Pro Class results?

RL: Yes, I did follow along, and it looked like a good turnout. I love seeing the GDR Honda boys there doing some racing and testing. I have always said there is no better practice than racing. I was surprised to see Piccolo match a handful of lap times with Dylan so that positive with just over a month before round 1. Wyatt Kerr looked like he had a solid day. I was surprised to see Chris Blackmer there, so maybe he’s planning on racing the Triple Crown Series? Sam Gaynor was back! Where was Dylan Rempel? Tyler Gibbs looked like he had a day to forget, but the good news is that he still has time to figure things out. I would like to see these guys continue to follow along the AMO series till Round 1 in Edmonton.


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