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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

MXP: Hey Newf! It looks as though winter is wide open in BC. You are used to the snow, having grown up on the East Coast, but how is it living in the Lower Mainland of BC when a snowstorm hits?

RL: Yes, we are in full winter swing, that’s for sure. It’s been very mild up until now, but that has changed in the past week. We hit -25 with the windchill and got two feet of snow yesterday. The snow cripples the Lower Mainland. It’s unbelievable, to be honest. Schools close, people don’t go to work, people are stuck everywhere. But this happens like once a year, so people don’t bother spending money on snow tires, etc. The province is also not capable of clearing the snow. We have small snow plows that really do nothing; the good news is it’s supposed to be back up to +7 this weekend, so the snow will be gone.

In the end, Round 2 was all about survival. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: Let’s go back to Saturday evening in San Francisco and Round 2 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series. You’ve ridden some muddy SX races, so you know how challenging they can be. Saturday night looked like it was all about survival, but we did see three of the 450SX Series favourites on the podium. What did you think about the racing in San Francisco?

RL: That was wild to watch. It was a lot worse than I thought it was going to be. I think the weather was way worse than everyone expected, as well. Full survival was the name of the game, and after that, there was nothing really to get excited about. It was a real buzz kill after an exciting opener at Anaheim. Let’s hope this was the only mud race, but I just saw the forecast for San Diego, and it doesn’t look great. Fingers crossed.

MXP: On Tuesday, the 2024 Triple Crown Series schedule was released. The series will kick off in Calgary before going to Lethbridge and then Manitoba for the three west rounds. We know there was a little confusion regarding the Whispering Pines track in Kamloops, but it sounds like the series will head back there in 2025. Overall, what are your thoughts on the outdoor schedule?

RL: Yes, overall, the schedule is what we all expected it to be. I’m happy to see Lethbridge back; this will be the first time since 2002 that Temple Hill has hosted a national. Pilot Mounds gets a second chance, and hopefully, we can avoid the deadly heat and wind this time around because that track is sweet. The rest is pretty standard. Yes, there was some confusion for sure regarding Whispering Pines, and I will actually take some of the blame for that. I was only sharing the information given to me, and I felt it was important to pass that along. Also, at the same time, there was some frustration on the Triple Crown Series side of things with facility prep, etc. Long story short, the track wasn’t moved, and in hindsight, the national should be there. Either way, a year off isn’t the end of the world, and hopefully, in 2025, Kamloops can return, and it can be a nine-round series.


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