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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

Unfortunately, Newf had to give the red plates to Blake Davies after last weekend. Photo by Tree Three Media

MXP: Hey Newf! Let’s start by talking about last weekend and the opening two rounds of the Rimbey AX. It sounds like an incredible weekend and a great kick-off to this four-race AX Series in Alberta.

RL: It really was a great weekend. They ended up with 400+ entries per day and very few injuries. The track was safe yet fun to ride and produced good racing. They did have some scoring issues on Friday, but they got all the bugs worked out for Saturday. The Ironhorse crew worked their butts off and made the best out of every situation. Not such a great weekend for me as I’m dealing with a nagging knee issue from years past. I tried racing but felt pretty uncomfortable, so I decided to pull the pin to focus on my schools and Meston for the rest of the weekend.

Ken Roczen grabbed the holeshot in Glendale and never looked back. Photo by Matt Wellumson

MXP: Round 6 of the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross took place this past weekend in Glendale, and there were some surprising results. We know Ken Roczen is still good, but how does he dominate a main event like he did on Saturday?

RL: Kenny did what Kenny does. He grabs the start and says see you later. He’s been the best rider this year, with no results to show until this past weekend. It’s a shame, as he’s pretty far out of this championship as of right now, but it won’t surprise me if he gets a few more wins. He’s a fan favourite, so I’m sure many people were cheering for him inside State Farm Stadium.

Eli Tomac was 4th in the Glendale 450SX main event but he looked well off the pace of the leaders. Photo by Matt Wellumson

MXP: Let’s talk about another Veteran rider, Eli Tomac. We saw him win the final main event at Anaheim 2 a few weeks ago, and he looked great doing it. Then, in Detroit, he had a terrible main event, and this weekend, he didn’t fight much when Jett Lawrence caught him for the final spot on the podium. What is going on with Tomac?

RL: Yes, you’re right. At Anaheim 2, he looked like the Tomac of old, but I really think it comes down to the fact that he is not 100% out there. He had a lot of time off the bike from the injury last year, and he’s just not ready to push for the entire main event. You can see it in him. If he is not super comfortable, he backs down and doesn’t put up a fight. I’m not fully counting him out quite yet, as he is Eli Tomac, but this weekend off will be good for him. He needs a great race in Arlington and a win at his favourite race in Daytona to get back on track.


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