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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

MXP: Hey Newf! What are your thoughts on poor Austin Forkner and his massive crash last weekend, and what do you think is next for him?

RL: Whether you’re a fan of Austin or not, that was just devastating for him. That was one of the worst crashes I have seen, and he is so lucky to see him walk away. You just have to wonder why these things happen to the same riders repeatedly. On Saturday night, we saw a guy who was riding confidently, fit, and making no mistakes until that happened. The weird thing is that guys who were doing that rhythm clipped that landing just like Austin did all day, and nothing really happened. It was just a small mistake that no one will really ever be able to explain. As far as what’s next, only time will tell, but you have to wonder when he’s had enough. The Instagram video he put out yesterday with the update was hard to watch.

Eli Tomac is heading back to his favourite venue this weekend in Daytona.

MXP: The famous Daytona SX is next in the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Eli Tomac has six wins there, which is more than any other rider, and he’s coming off a solid race last weekend in Arlington. Do you think Tomac makes it seven wins on Saturday, or does Jett Lawrence out-ride him on what will no doubt be a challenging Daytona track?

RL: There is no question that Eli looked back to being his old self, but we also said that after the third race of the Anaheim Triple Crown. If he is going to make a run at this Championship, now is the time to get going before it’s too late. If Jett gets the start, he will be hard to beat unless we see a big mistake like we did last weekend. But, as far as raw speed and being able to manage the race, no one has Jett beat. If I have to pick, I will go with Eli this weekend because I want to see him get back into this Championship, but with how things have gone this year, it’s just a guess for me.

Newf is turning 40 in May so he wants and needs to be healthy this season.

MXP: With all of the talk about the good times at the Rimbey AX, we didn’t ask you more about your sore knee. How serious is it? This is a big season for you as you turn 40 in two months. You have to be healthy.

RL: I wouldn’t say it’s serious, but it’s not been great. It’s been 15 years since the big injury that I had at Glen Helen, and to be honest, I’m surprised I have made it this long with no major issues. Each year, it gets a little worse, and I think it’s finally to the point where it’s just worn out. I need a knee replacement, However, getting something like that done is not an easy task, as the wait time is just ridiculous out here. I’m looking into different methods to get some more time out of it. I have an appointment next week about getting a special gel injection in there that is supposed to work well. I hope that will give me some time as I have big plans for the summer for the 40+ class. Summer is coming fast, and I’m anxious to get going, but as of today, I can barely go down a set of stairs, let alone ride. The cortisone shots are not working anymore, so I need to get something better, or a completely new knee.


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