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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

Chase Sexton had the win in the bag in Seattle, but unfortunately he stalled his KTM while leading the main event.

MXP: Hey Newf! Even though Mother Nature affected the track conditions this past weekend in Seattle, it was better than initially thought. In fact, the second half of the 450SX main event featured some of the best racing we’ve seen all series long. What are your thoughts on the 450SX main event on Saturday night?

RL: Not nearly as bad as we thought, that’s for sure. Now, yes, it was super rutted and tough, but from what the forecast was showing, it looked like it would be a disaster. I really liked the track and thought it was good for racing, and I think we saw that play out in the main event. I haven’t watched a race that exciting in a while. I really felt that we would see Jett win even after his crash in the sand, but it looked like he took a more mature approach and settled. I was happy to see Webb win, but it should have been Sexton’s, to be honest. That stall in the sand was weird and a weird spot to do it, so I’m not sure if he had something else going on, but either way, the win shows that Webb has some life left in him on the home stretch of this series.

Newf loves everything about the Deschambault track in Quebec. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: It’s time to switch gears and talk about Canadian Motocross. You’ve been a part of the National Series in some way, shape, or form since 1999. What is the best National track you’ve ever raced on or witnessed, and what did you like about it?

RL: I have always loved Deschambault. Not just because I always seemed to ride well there, but the facility itself is amazing. Great track, great camping, etc. The track has everything that is Motocross for me, from the elevation, jumps, dirt, and roughness. I just think it’s the all-around package, and when you let the fans in on National Day Sunday, the atmosphere is unlike anything else we have in Canada.

Newf agrees that the future is bright for Blake Davies. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: Finally, we want to ask you about Blake Davies. He’s obviously fast, talented, and young. The sky is the limit for this kid, as he has all the makings of a future champion. Does he deserve more support right now, or with him being so young, should he just keep doing what he’s doing and try to avoid a big pressure situation? 

RL: It’s easy to sit back and say yes, he deserves more support, but I like the family’s approach. They are not sitting at home crying that he’s not under a big awning, and he does have solid support with Husqvarna, International Motorsports, and Fox Racing Canada. We will have to see if anything plays out on the Manluk side of things, which was gaining momentum a few weeks back. Ultimately, he’s still very young, and if he keeps on the same path, his opportunity will come very soon.

Ryder McNabb will make his SX Futures debut tomorrow in St Louis. Photo by James Lissimore

Bonus Question

MXP: It sounds as though Ryder McNabb will make his SX Futures debut this weekend in St Louis. Obviously, it will be exciting to see him join fellow Canadians Dylan Rempel and Preston Masciangelo on the starting line. How do you think Ryder will do? Also, with it being late in the series, do you think it would be better to sit out and wait for the Pro Motocross Championships to begin?

RL: I’m excited for this. Of course, it was a bummer that he got the wrist injury a few months back, but from what I heard, his prep has been going well. I would like to think we will see him in the top 5, and if he can do that, it will be very respectable, considering it will be his first SX. I know it’s late, and Motocross is just around the corner, but I really think he doesn’t have an option but to race in St Louis. People need to see what he has in SX if he wants to continue the American dream. As we all know, there is more focus on SX these days compared to outdoors. Good start; keep it on two wheels and get a top 5, and he will be fine.

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1989 Rookie-of-the-year and former nationally ranked pro racer who turned into a dirt oriented scribe

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