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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

MXP: Hey Newf! Please tell us all about the Arenacross in Rimbey last weekend.

RL: What a weekend! Three hundred amateur entries and around 2000 spectators per night. It was wild. They had to delay the start of the night show on Friday as the line up to get in was so big. They did it right. It was a fun, safe track that the riders enjoyed; there was a beer garden inside, a somewhat heated building, VIP tables, and catered food. It was so awesome to see. There was some good racing in all classes. The pro class was on the lite side even though there was a pro purse, so I don’t know what the deal is. The fans in the stands treated Spenser Wilton and me like we were Tomac and Sexton. I learned last weekend that these smaller towns embrace something new that comes into their community, and the locals really get behind it and support it. These types of races are what our sport needs.

The Sexton/Tomac heat race battle was fantastic.

MXP: We’re you able to watch the Houston SX? What were your thoughts on that race?

RL: I wasn’t able to watch live, but of course, I followed along during the night and watched when I got home on Sunday from Alberta. I was impressed with how Eli was able to rise to the occasion when it was crunch time in the main event. Sexton had him easily covered all day, but that just shows how mentally tough Eli is. It was no surprise that Hunter Lawrence won, especially with some of the big names getting hurt leading up to round one of the east. I was very impressed with the Deegan result as he grinded that result out. I really thought that with all the hype around him, he might choke a bit, but he did the complete opposite.

We cannot wait to see this view again in June! Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: The 2023 Triple Crown Series schedule dropped last week. What are your thoughts on the schedule, particularly the opening three rounds out west?

RL: I mean, it’s what we all have been waiting for and talking about for the last few months. The Edmonton Hybrid will be interesting to see how that plays out, but I do like the venue. It’s 5 minutes from the airport, hotels, and restaurants, so it will be convenient for everyone. Round 2 in Kamloops with the sprint moto format in there, plus the WCAN again, will be fun to watch and be a part of. Also, I’m glad to see Calgary back on the schedule. You know as well as I do that Calgary always has such a cool vibe. I would have liked to see one more west round in a perfect world, but it is what it is. Having the WSX in Vancouver as one of the AX/SX rounds is also awesome and will help take the AX/SX portion of racing to the next level. I like it, and I cannot wait for the series to begin!


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