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The Flux Primo

Source: press release Flux Performance | A Slovenian team of racers, enthusiasts and engineers has developed “Primo”, a prototype of an electric offroad motorbike. Their target is to produce the motorcycle in 2023, with deliveries to customers starting in 2024. Test rides with this prototype will be possible later on this year in Europe.

Primo - Flux Performance - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycle News

Marko Ukota, CEO and co-founder of Flux Performance: “As a Slovenian and Italian national supermoto champion I am aware of the many problems with off road riding. When I was 19 years old, I led an e-supermoto project back in 2009 but the batteries just weren’t good enough at that time. 11 years later, now as an engineer, I have put together a team of professionals and I am proud to present our first prototype.”

Primo - Flux Performance - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycle News

In true startup tradition, this team has developed their first prototype in a garage, called Primo (which means ‘first’ in Italian). It’s not just an assembly from off-the-shelf components though. They designed and custom made the complete battery pack including electronics, control unit, water cooled drivetrain and transmission, as well as the software that makes it run.

The end result is a motocross bike with 85 HP peak power, a swappable battery with more capacity than any other MX bike on the market, while retaining a comparative weight. The power is customisable via smartphone connection, so you can enjoy the riding experience regardless of your skill level.

Primo - Flux Performance - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycle News

It also features an active regenerative brake system, meaning you charge the battery during rear braking. An interesting feature more experienced riders will appreciate is a virtual clutch. It essentially mimics how a traditional clutch works, without bringing its extra cost, complexity and overheating issues.

Marko: “Primo isn’t a production motorcycle yet. It is the first prototype, a developmental tool and a technological platform. It proves what our team can do in a garage and serves as the foundation for targeted development of the production motorcycle. Pre-orders are possible and you can choose between 3 types: enduro, motocross and supermotard.”

More info and FAQ’s at Flux Performance:


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