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The Parts Canada Gopher Dunes SX Preview- Under The Lights

After three months of grueling outdoor races, the Triple Crown Series now moves indoors to the tighter and more intense tracks of Supercross. When we say indoors we don’t quite mean inside an arena for the opening round as it will take place this weekend at Gopher Dunes. We love that for a facility like Gopher Dunes, which has been made famous by their rough sand track, they have also been the centerpiece for the Triple Crown Series SX Tour for the past two years while we all navigated our way through Covid-19. Basically, Derek Schuster and his Gopher Dunes crew took the adage that if you build it people with come. The Gopher Dunes SX has provided some incredible racing in the past few years including a few great battles and memorable moments. This year should be no different as top Canadian SX riders like Cole Thompson and Tyler Gibbs will take on American Mitchell Harrison at the opening round this weekend.

Last year at the Gopher Dunes SX MX101 Yamaha rider Westen Wrozyna had a memorable weekend. Photo by James Lissimore

So what can we expect this weekend at Gopher Dunes? Well, on the amateur side of things we should see a great turnout as AMO Racing is also holding an event on the back track at Gopher Dunes. With so many amateur riders there for this event, it should encourage a decent amount to filter over for a chance to race under the lights on Saturday night. Racing SX is unique and it should be experienced by every rider at least once, okay, maybe at least twice. The technique involved in riding a SX track demands fast reflexes, quick decision making, smooth throttle control, as well as a decent amount of precision, practicing all of these things will make you a better rider in the long run. Even if the thought of jumping scares the crap out of you that is okay as you don’t have to jump anything if you don’t want to. All you have to do is go and ride and try and have fun. Just remember, good throttle control and anticipation of what is coming up on the track are key to having a safe and successful ride in SX.

Tyler Gibbs is a talented SX rider and he should be very good this weekend! Photo by James Lissimore

As for the pro class. This weekend we will no doubt witness some great racing at the front of the pack as seasoned SX riders like Thompson, Gibbs, and Harrison will be battling hard. All three riders are very good at SX so they should look and feel right at home on the tight Gopher Dunes SX track. Behind them will be riders like Preston Masciangelo who will be making his debut on the Partszilla PRMX Kawasaki Team. At this time we simply don’t know how many other riders the PRMX Team is bringing but you know they will have a large presence on Saturday evening. Westen Wrozyna is another rider who loves racing SX and since he had a few breakthrough rides last year at this event, you know he will be coming in hot! Manluk Yamaha rider Quinn Amyotte will also be lining up this weekend and we know he will be aggressive and fast. Amyotte is coming off a career-best fourth overall in the Triple Crown Series MXTour 250 class so his confidence has to be at an all-time high. Finally, Quebec SX master Guillaume St-Cyr will be at Gopher Dunes and he will be hoping that all of his extensive SX experience will serve him well.

With his vast experience in SX Cole Thompson is most certainly the favourite heading into the opening round.

As you can see, the list of riders entered this weekend may not be a long one but it’s certainly a talented one. We think it’s safe to say that defending SXTour Champion Cole Thompson is the favourite heading into the opening round but in SX you just never know. What we do know is that the opening round of SX this weekend is going to be an exciting one and we cannot wait to drop the gate on Saturday night!


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