The Triple Crown Series Paddock Tour Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada- Odds And Ends

During the 2024 Triple Crown Series, we will take you through the paddock each week to look at several of the products that the teams use. These products are very cool, and are available to all of us. From Round 2 in Lethbridge, we take a look several of the Matrix Concepts Canada products that the teams were using last weekend. From bike stands to gas cans and goggles, Matrix Concepts Canada has most of the teams and riders covered.

Dylan Wright and the GDR Honda Team uses the Works Connection Starting Device.

The WLTN Kawasaki Team runs 100 % Goggles.

The KTM Canada Team has won the opening rounds of the Triple Crown Series.

The Matrix Concepts Canada Pit Boards are a must for mechanics.

For 2024, Dylan Wright counts on the Matrix Concepts Canada Steel Stand to hold his bike in the pits.

Most of the teams use these gas cans at the Triple Crown Series.

The WLTN Kawasaki Team loves the new Matrix Concepts Canada bike stands.

You cannot walk far in the Triple Crown Series paddock with seeing products from Matrix Concepts Canada.

Chris Pomeroy

1989 Rookie-of-the-year and former nationally ranked pro racer who turned into a dirt oriented scribe

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