Triple Crown Series Pit Tour Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada- Quinn Amyotte’s WLTN Kawasaki Team KX250

During the 2024 Triple Crown Series, we will take you through the paddock each week to look at the factory bikes of some of our top riders. These machines are very cool, and most run parts that are available to all of us. As we head into Round 4 at Gopher Dunes, we take a look at Quinn Amyotte’s WLTN Kawasaki Team KX250. Quinn’s 2024 model is considerably different than the KX250 the team ran last year. With changes to the team’s suspension package, motor package, and several other key items, Quinn’s ultra-cool 2024 KX250 is one of the fastest and most reliable bikes on the track in the 250 class. Thank you to James Lissimore for these great photos, and now let’s take a closer look at the green machine of Triple Crown Series 250 Pro/AM class title contender Quinn Amyotte.

Backyard Designs Graphics has done a great job in making Quinn’s bike one of the best looking in the paddock.

Naturally, the WLTN Kawasaki Team relies on the best stands on the planet.

The WLTN Kawasaki Team uses the RP Race Exhaust System on all of their bikes.

As you can see RP uses a large resonator on the top of their header pipes for a boost in overall performance.

Hinson Clutches with Motul 300V 10W-40 oil assist with performance and durability on Quinn’s machine.

With Quinn being a taller rider he likes the hump right in the middle of his Guts Seat.

For added horsepower and overall performance the WLTN Kawasaki Team relies on a GET ECU’s to get the job done.

On race bikes it’s all about the little things. Like this small brace on the the bolts that hold the Acerbis Fork Guard on.

So far in 2024, Quinn has been getting great starts. Perhaps, it’s because of the Tamer Starting Devices the team uses.

For 2024, the WLTN Kawasaki is using TCD Suspension and so far both riders have been very happy with the set-up of their bikes.

At the pro level hubs and spokes take a beating. This is why the WLTN Kawasaki Team uses Rims Plus wheels on their race bikes.

For the opening three rounds of the Triple Crown Series Quinn ran a Pirelli 80/100/21 Stadium front tire.

Mika Metals is a proud supporter of the Kawasaki Team with their bars, grips, and sprockets.

Again, it’s all about the small things. Like these very cool Moto Master brake lines.

The WLTN Kawasaki Team trusts DID Chains to get the power from the engine to the rear wheel.

For Round 3 in Manitoba, Quinn ran these sleek looking Acerbis hand guards to help protect his hands from roost.

For long National motos, the team uses larger fuel tanks with high performance Renegade Race Fuel.

The WLTN Kawasaki Team’s Raptor Footpegs have this cool engraving on them. These items have to be worth at least a second a lap!

P3 provides the ultra-cool carbon parts on Quinn’s bike. Like these great looking and durable front rotor guards.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this closer look at Quinn Amyotte’s WLTN Kawasaki Team KX250.

Chris Pomeroy

1989 Rookie-of-the-year and former nationally ranked pro racer who turned into a dirt oriented scribe

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