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As we write this, there are just under two months between us and the opening weekend of the 2024 Triple Crown Series in Calgary. Most of our pro riders are now home from their winter boot camps down south. However, a few are still taking advantage of the USA’s heat and more consistent weather. Next on the agenda for the riders are one or two local races, and then, before we know it, the gate will be dropping at Wild Rose MX Park. Let’s take a quick look at a few of our teams and where they are at as we reach the mid-point of April.

The GDR Honda Team will once again be looking to win both championships this summer with Dylan Wright and Tyler Medaglia.

Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing Team

Team Manager: Derek Schuster


Dylan Wright (450)

Tyler Medaglia (250)

Both GDR Honda riders are now back in Canada while they put the finishing touches on their Triple Crown Series preparation. Dylan has stated that he’s planning on racing several local events in the next month, including the opening two rounds of the AMO OPC Series. Tyler will also be getting in a few gate drops before the opening round in Calgary, so we know both riders will be ready to go. As they have for the past several years, Gopher Dunes will be hosting the GDR Honda Media Day on May 15th, so we’ll be able to get a better look at the Red Rider Team then.

Jess Pettis, Josiah Natzke, and Kaven Benoit are all excited for the 2024 Triple Crown Series. Photo by James Lissimore

KTM Canada Red Bull Racing Team

Team Manager: Mathieu Deroy

Kaven Benoit (250)

Jess Pettis (450)

Josiah Natzke (450)

The KTM Canada Team has been very busy since late February, as they’ve been down at the GPF Practice Facility in Georgia testing and putting in some laps. All three riders have been riding and training together, and things have been going great. While Pettis and Natzke have been testing their new KTM 450 FE motorcycle, Benoit has spent most of his time riding a KTM 350SX-F before returning to his 250F. Last week, the KTM team moved from GPF to ClubMX for the final three weeks of training. Once they return to Quebec in early May, they will be racing at least one local race before travelling west for the opening round.

Tanner Ward, Quinn Amyotte, and his WLTN Kawasaki Team have been working hard in the off-season!

WLTN Kawasaki Team

Team Manager: Steve Simms

Tanner Ward (450)

Quinn Amyotte (250)

The WLTN Kawasaki Team has had a solid off-season, and both riders are ready for the 2024 Triple Crown Series. Tanner Ward spent over a month at GPF testing and training with his new Team Manager, Steve Simms. Tanner not only has an all-new KX450 to get used to, but the team has also changed suspension companies, moving from SSS to TCD this season. Tanner is home now and has been riding locally, while Quinn will be returning to Ontario very soon. Both riders will be racing at the AMO OPC Series opening rounds, which begin this weekend at Gopher Dunes.

The only question remaining for the MX101/FXR Racing Yamaha Team is who is going to race the 450. Photo by James Lissimore

MX101/FXR/ Yamaha Racing Team

Team Manager: Kevin Tyler

Sebastien Racine (250)

Austin Jones (250)

TBA (450)

Other than struggling to secure a rider to race in the 450 class, the off-season has been fairly routine for Kevin Tyler’s Race Team. Both Racine and Jones have spent significant down riding in Florida, and by all accounts they look great. The 250 riders have a new YZ250F to work with in 2024, and so far, the reports have been that this new bike works very well. Jones had some solid motos last summer, so he’ll no doubt be looking to build on those results in 2024. For Racine, he comes into 2024 with the opportunity to do something special. If all goes well, we expect him to be in championship contention all summer in the 250. Regarding the search for a potential 450 rider, look for that news to come out early next week. From what we’re hearing, there are still a few names (Mike Alessi, Preston Kilroy, Hamish Harwood) in play.

At this point it’s still unclear whether or not Mitchell Harrison and his PRMX Partzilla Team will be racing in Canada this summer? Photo by James Lissimore

Partzilla PRMX Team

Team Manager: Julien Perrier

Mitchell Harrison (450)

Dylan Rempel (250)

Hunter Yoder (250)

Unfortunately, it’s still up in the air whether or not this team will travel North to race the Triple Crown Series. Hopefully, they do as the series just wouldn’t be the same without them in the paddock. Also, if they do race the Canadian series, we may see Mitchell Harrison in the 450 class. Harrison has been competing in the SuperMotocross Series in the 450SX class, and has been doing quite well. We’d love to see Harrison on the starting gate in Calgary, as he’d no doubt be one of the riders who could challenge for race wins in the 450 class. Finally, this would also secure support in Canada for young Dylan Rempel, who has had a solid SX Futures Series in the USA. As for Hunter Yoder, it would be great to see him travel north and add to the depth in the 250 class.

Zach Ufimzeff will be back with the Manluk Yamaha Team for 2024. Photo by James Lissimore

Manluk Yamaha Team

Team Manager: Pat Shippit

Zach Ufimzeff (250)

For 2024, the Manluk Yamaha Team has drastically scaled back their racing effort and will only be going with one rider in the Triple Crown Series. This is unfortunate news as it would’ve been a good landing spot for a rider like Tyler Gibbs. However, considering there was talk that the Manluk Yamaha Team was done for good, it’s great to hear they will be back for at least one more season. Zach has been training hard in Florida with Quinn Amyotte, so he will be ready to race when the gate drops in Calgary.

Blake Davies will now be joined by Julien Benek on the MVP Sky Racing Husqvarna Team. Photo by James Lissimore

MVP Sky Racing Husqvarna Team

Team Manager: Al Dyck

Blake Davies (250)

Julien Benek (450)

It’s great to see that the MVP Team will be back this summer, and with their latest signing of Julien Benek, things are looking great for 2024. Blake is the fastest teenager in Canada, and he will no doubt build on the success he had last year and use it to his advantage in 2024. As for Benek, other than his thumb injury, he has had a great off-season and is currently in great shape. If both riders remain healthy, they could compete for podium finishes this summer.

Seth Hughes will be one of the talented young riders under the Priority MX KTM Team this summer. Photo by James Lissimore

Priority MX KTM Team

Team Manager: Peter Knopp

Parker Eales (450)

Seth Hughes (450)

Hayden Jameson (250)

Wyatt Kerr (250)

This Ontario-based team is looking solid for 2024. Jameson is a fast up and coming young rider with much potential to do well in the next few years. As for Kerr, he’s coming off some serious injuries he suffered at Round 3 last year. It’s great to see him back, and if his off-season speed is any indication, he will be battling for top-five finishes all summer long in the 250 class. As for Eales and Hughes, they will no doubt battle all summer for top-ten finishes in the 450 class.

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