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Wednesday’s Yamaha Motor Canada Amateur Profile-Ryder McNabb

yamaha logo - low resIn our continuing look at the very talented young riders across this great country, we now head to cold Manitoba to speak with Ryder McNabb. Already a multi-time TransCan Champion, McNabb is well on his way to stardom with his smooth style and raw speed. We caught up with Ryder for this week’s Yamaha Motor Canada Amateur Profile as he was spending some quiet time at home before heading south to begin his 2015 racing season.

MXP: Hey Ryder, I hope you’re staying warm out there. Can you first tell us how old you currently are and where exactly do you call home?

RM: Hey Chris, thank you for calling. Right now I’m nine-years-old and I live in Minnedosa, Manitoba.

How long have you lived there Ryder?

I’ve lived here since I was born, actually.


Ryder had a great week at the 2014 Mini Olympics winning the 51cc 7-8 Supercross class.

I bet it’s cold there this time of year. How long have you been riding a dirt bike and also which class or classes are you going to be riding in 2015?

I started racing when I was three-years-old, I guess that’s pretty early but I was felt ready. This past November at the Mini O’s was my last race on a 50cc. For this year I will be racing in the 65cc 7-9 class and will start riding an 85 soon.

Wow, things move along quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was watching you rip on your 50cc at the Parts Canada TransCan, I guess you’re nine-years-old now so it’s time to move up. How did your 2014 racing season go?

My 2014 racing season was pretty good. I trained at Matt Walker’s Moto X Compound all winter. I raced the spring nationals in Texas in March and had a few podium finishes. At Loretta Lynn’s I was sitting in second going into the third moto, but I had a bad crash and finished 7th overall. At Walton this year I won a title in the 50cc 7-8 class and I finished second in 65cc 7-9 class. I also had a great week at Mini O’s in Florida, winning a title in the supercross and finishing third in the motocross.

That sounds like a great season Ryder. I only saw you at Walton in August and you were definitely on the gas. Prior to your awesome 2014 season, what were some of your past racing highlights?

Some past highlights are from 2012 when I won two titles at the Mill Creek National in Alabama, as well as a title at Walton. Also that same year I finished sixth at Loretta Lynn’s. So far things have been going well, however I’m obviously still very young so there’s still so much to learn.

Exactly, it’s definitely a very long road. Obviously you’ve raced on a lot of tracks over the last few years. Do you have a favourite?

That’s a good question as I do like a lot of tracks. If I had to pick one or two I would say Glen Helen in California and Monster Mountain in Alabama.

I actually got to ride at Monster Mountain last year and you’re right, that is a very cool track. Tracks these days have a lot of cool obstacles, what is your favourite obstacle on a track?

I definitely like tracks with cool elevation changes and lots of jumps. I also like when deep ruts form in the corners.

Do you have a favourite jump? It can be on any track, anywhere.

Definitely my favourite jump is a big step up tabletop on our own track at home. On a 65 you have to hit it in sixth gear wide open.

That sounds like a big jump, for sure. Before your races, do you like the atmosphere calm or do you like it to be rocking?

Good question, I would say that before the race I like to stay calm and get myself focused, and then try to pump myself up as the 30 board goes up.

ryder mcnabb

Over the years Ryder has styled his way to multiple Parts Canada TransCan titles. photo by Randy Wiebe

That leads me to my next question. When the 30 second board does go up, what are you thinking about?

When the 30 second board goes up all that I’m thinking about is getting to the corner first.

Once the race begins would you rather holeshot and go wire to wire for the win, or would you rather come from behind to win?

It’s cool watching somebody charge through the pack to win, but it definitely makes things easier to get a good start. I’ll take either as long as I’m up front when the race is over.

Good answer! Okay, let me ask you a couple of questions about school. Do all your friends at school know that you race?

I’m actually home schooled so I don’t go to a real school. However, most people in my community know that I race dirt bikes so that’s pretty cool.

Okay, so in your home studies, what is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is definitely Social Studies, it’s always interesting.

ryder mcnabb1

After a very successful 50cc career Ryder is now moving up to the 65cc class full time. photo by Randy Wiebe

That was one of my favourites when I was in school. You obviously ride a lot, but other than riding what do you like to do?

I like to do a lot of different things and I like to stay busy. But my two favourite things would be riding my Oset and playing with toy dirt bikes.

Awe, I wish I was nine-years-old again. Well, Ryder I have to say that I’m a big fan of your ‘elbows up’ style. Best of luck in 2015 and thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Final question, who would you like to thank for supporting your racing efforts?

I would like to thank Matt Walker at Moto X Compound in Georgia, Jim Frederickson from Frederickson Performance Centre in Brandon, Manitoba, 100% Goggles, Atlas Brace, Forma Boots, PR2, and my parents and grandparents for all their support.


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