Willy Nilly & Justin Time: A Tale of Two ‘Tudes.

Willy Nilly and Justin Time were riding buddies. When they went out to practice Willy would spend hours practicing his whips and no-footers, showing off for the girls that came along to watch. Justin would go off and set up three barrels and ride around them the whole time, timing himself as he tried to brake later and ride the berms a gear higher. Sometimes the girls would come and watch Justin for a bit, but they got bored quickly. Willy would come over and try a few laps around the barrels once in a while, but he found it boring too. “Hey man,” he’d say, “this is a drag, you should come and hit this jump I found!” Justin just shook his head. When Justin was out running, getting in shape for race day, he would often stop in at Willy’s house.

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