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Yamaha Motor Canada Presents Behind the Lens From Anaheim 2

Coming into 2018, the one thing that the Monster Energy Supercross Series promised was change. A new points system, metal pads behind the starting gates, one extra East/West Lites shootout, the removal of the 450SX semi-races, and three exciting Triple Crown events. These new Triple Crown events have the riders all qualifying during the day and then racing three separate main events in the evening. Now, you could argue the pros and cons all day long with this new format, but with this series currently at its peak of popularity, good on the fine people at Feld Motorsports for attempting to try some new things.

The first of the three Triple Crown events took place this past weekend at Anaheim 2. With Angel Stadium and the surrounding Anaheim area being the crown jewel of the SX series, what better place to kick-off this new format and give the riders and fans something different? Coming into Round 3, everyone couldn’t stop talking about two things: injuries, and of course the comeback of Ken Roczen. Both of these stories have dominated the headlines so far in 2018. So as the riders entered the third round, it was time to talk about some new things. Basically, even though we’re just a few rounds into 2018 series, the inaugural Triple Crown event couldn’t have come at a better time.

As the top riders battled the cool temperatures, bad starts, and of course each other, fans loved the fact that they were able to witness three main events throughout the evening. During those main events, we saw just about everything as a few riders crashed, a few got bad starts and were unable to catch up, but in the end most of the top riders found their way to the podium. The big winners at Round 3 were Joey Savagty and Eli Tomac, the Kawasaki duo were on fire all night long. For Savagty, his win catapulted him into the points lead in the 250SX West Lites class. For Tomac, his win gave him his first points of the 2018 season as the opening two rounds were not very good for ET3. As the series now moves east to Glendale, AZ for Round 4, we look back one more time at Anaheim 2 with this week’s Yamaha Motor Canada Behind the Lens with photos by James Lissimore.


Now that’s a good jump off of the gate.

The gate drops on the first ever Monster Energy SX Triple Crown.

Looks like the Monster Energy SX Series needs to hire an air traffic controller.

After years of bad luck, this likeable kid needs to win a title.

Although he rode good at Round 3, Aaron Plessinger will have to give up the red plate next weekend.

After two sub-par weekends, Blake Baggett rode well at A2 and had his best finish of 2018.

Joey Savagty and Christian Craig do their best to avoid a mid-air collision inside Angel Stadium.

What is the point of getting a trophy if you can’t share it with your family.

The red riders fly in formation through the cool California air.

So far in 2018, young Chase Sexton has been the most consistent starter in the 250SX class. If he can find just a little more speed, he will win a main event very soon.

After having to sit out Round 2 in Houston with a shoulder injury, Dean Wilson was back on the track in Anaheim trying to make up some points.

Capturing the big moments is always important.

Jason Anderson was able to win the third and final main event of the evening and will once again take the red plate into Round 4.

Thankfully it wasn’t too cold at A2 for a podium champagne shower.

Maybe this inspiring butt patch is one of the reasons Justin Barcia is having such a great series so far.

The green machine was rolling at Round 3.

On the outside at A2, Ken Roczen was all smiles. However, on the inside he was all nerves.

Dressed in the same gear as he was last year when he crashed at A2, Ken Roczen continues to impress everyone with his comeback.

Due to a couple of bad starts and some very bad nerves, Ken Roczen struggled at A2 and finished outside of the top 5.

Even though we’re just three rounds into the 2018 SX series, it’s looking like this will not be Marvin Musquin’s year.

With the three shorter main events at Round 3, riders were forced to be more aggressive in the opening laps.

Round 3 also featured the second KJSC race of 2018.

Red and white always shines bright.

This is what it looks like when 45,000 people hold up their cell phones.

Light the candles, it’s time for the Triple Crown.

With 22 riders with a combined heart rate of roughly 4400 BPM, a supercross start is the most exciting time in all of sports.

When you race, what do you like to read on your pit board?

The 250SX West Lites class has provided some of the best racing so far in 2018.


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