Yamaha Motor Canada Presents Behind the Lens From Quebec City

As with each and every indoor event, the racing in Quebec City was close all night long.

With just a few laps to go in the 450 main event, Cole Thompson had charged back to second after a first turn crash.

Even though Colton’s injuries will caused him to miss the rest of the 2018 season. it could’ve been so much worse considering how hard he landed.

Up until the final corner, these two champions raced each other fair and square.

You just don’t see a lot of white riding gear these days. However, when you do see it I think it looks great.

Dylan Wright and Colton Facciotti came into Round 3 looking to put the GDR Fox Honda Team on the podium.

Lost in all of the drama on Saturday was just how good Jess Pettis continues to ride in 2018.

Keylan Meston rode great in QC and came away with a solid Top 10 finish in the 450 main event.

Logan Karnow continues to impress everyone with his riding in the 250 class. At Round 3 he led early and ended up second overall.

Tyler Medaglia rode very smart in QC and ended up 5th overall in the 450 main event.

I know some of these riders are friends, but they don’t need to say hi to each other in air.

Over the years Quebec fans have always loved indoor racing.

With a lot room to play with inside the Centre Videotron, the Jetwerx crew was able to design a really fun track.

Marco Cannella had another solid ride at Round 3 and ended up finishing 5th in the main event.

With rumours that Matt Goerke is going green in 2019, he wasn’t a factor at Round 3.

It’s always fun when the riders bring their families to the races. Here Tyler Medaglia’s kids cheer him on during practice.

No one supervises the Rockstar girls better than Head Referee Sir Paul Kingsley.

Each time he’s on the track Phil Nicoletti looks more and more comfortable on his new OTSFF Yamaha 450.

Round 3 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown SXTour Series provided fans with a little bit of everything. See you all in Hamilton for the final race of this new and exciting series.