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Yamaha Motor Canada Presents MXP Chatter With Chloe Thompson

For the past few weeks, Cole Thompson has been keeping us on the edge of our seats with his results in the Monster Energy Supercross Series. He started with a solid 14th at the opening round in Anaheim, then he backed that finish up with a 12th in Oakland, and then this past weekend in San Diego he made all of us in Canada scream with an incredible 9th in 250SX West main event. Well, as much as Cole has been the main focal point of this SX adventure, beside him has been his wife and trusted partner Chloe. Together, they have taken on the task of racing the 250SX West Series and although their success is evident, it hasn’t come without hard work and sacrifice. We caught up with Chloe on Monday as she, Cole, and their dog Sprinkle we getting ready for another hard week of training.

MXP: Hey Chloe, what are you guys up to tonight?

CT: Not too much, Monday is usually laundry day so that is pretty much it. Our motorhome has a small washer and dryer so it usually takes about five loads to get it all done.

How is your setup in California? The last time I spoke to Cole he said that you guys were staying at a nice campground and that it’s a pretty decent spot?

Yes, it’s nice as far as campgrounds go. Our neighbours are nice and they let us wash bikes which is great. Everything is great it’s just our living space is very small. We sleep on bunk beds and we don’t have a lot of room to really do anything. Also, our Direct TV doesn’t work and we don’t have WiFi so we just hot spot off our phones. However, for what we’re doing and how we’re doing it I have no complaints. Overall, it’s been fun and we’re going week to week really.

Thankfully you two, or three if you count Sprinkle enjoy each other’s company (laughs). I know the results have been great, but as Cole’s wife, best friend, and biggest fan, are you happy with how he’s been riding?

For sure, I’m so proud of how he’s been riding during the week and also at the races. He was nervous coming into the opening round, I mean, we both were, but after his first main event, he started to relax and ride better. He’s been working really hard during the week and it shows on Saturday.

You’ve been to almost every one of his races so you’ve seen a lot and you’ve played many different roles at the track. However, since Anaheim 1 you’ve been in new territory and down on the starting line with Cole as his mechanic. How did this come about and have you been enjoying this new role?

It’s definitely been different that’s for sure. To be honest I didn’t know that I’d be doing it until the last minute. I assumed he’d just get someone to help out at the races. But I feel like he always had it in his mind that I was going to go to the line with him and he didn’t want anyone else. So far though it’s been both terrifying and fun at the same time.

Chloe has been enjoying her new role as Cole’s mechanic.

Well, as I’m sure you’ve seen by now, being down there can be an intense environment. Were you even surprised at how intense it is?

I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never thought about what it’s like down there. I’ve always just wished Cole good luck and then went and found a place to watch the race from. It’s definitely a different world down there and some of the mechanics are pretty intense. I don’t know, all I do is hold his bike and his goggles until it’s time to go racing. Once the racing begins I just stand in the mechanic’s area and cheer him on. I enjoy it but some of the other mechanics don’t look like they’re enjoying it at certain times.

So you don’t even have a pit board?

No, we don’t have one yet. I told Cole that if he got one then I would write stuff on it, but he hasn’t yet.

This story just gets better (laughs). So in the heat race on Saturday night when Cole got off to a terrible start. What were you thinking?

My first thought was that we were headed to the LCQ (laughs). But then he started passing riders and I was surprised because all day people were talking about how difficult the San Diego track was to pass on. As he got close to the Top 10 I began thinking that he might be able to do this!

Okay, but with no pit board how were you able to tell Cole what position he was in? He must have known that he had to pass Surratt to make it into the main event?

Oh yes, he knew where he was at in the race and that he needed to pass one more rider on the last lap. I think he was looking at everyone else’s pit board.

I love it! We all know that Cole’s a smart rider but looking at other rider’s pit boards to find out where you are in a SX heat race is brilliant. So you avoided the dreaded LCQ and then in the main event he rode great to finish in 9th. You must have been excited during that final race on Saturday night?

I can’t even describe the feeling really. Not only was I excited watching him battle inside the top 10, but to be on the floor, in the mechanic’s area while the entire stadium was going crazy was pretty cool. The other mechanics were screaming and jumping up and down and there I was just clapping when he went by.

No one has been closer to the ups and downs that Cole has experienced in the past number of years than you, It must be such an amazing feeling that things have come together the way they have in the opening three rounds of the 250SX West Series?

For sure it’s a great feeling. He’s worked hard and he deserves the success he’s having, but like anything, you always want more. Each week he’s been doing better and better so hopefully this weekend he can do even better. I’m more or less just along for the ride (laughs). As long as he finishes safely then I’m happy.

Team Thompson have been extremely happy with their results so far in the 250SX West Series. Photo by Lexi Thompson

Well, I’m sure he couldn’t do this without you, and as I said, I think it’s amazing that you two are doing this together. I feel like this experience is something that you’re going to look back on in say ten years and really smile. I still say the coolest part of all of this is that you’re able to go down to the starting line with him. I know you mentioned that you were nervous the first time. How was that first trip down the tunnel at Angel Stadium with you on the back of Cole’s bike?

I was honestly really scared and didn’t know what to expect. As I said, I thought Cole was going to find someone to help him on the starting line. But after doing it a few times I stopped being nervous. Now, I’m kind of excited when it’s time to head into the stadium.

I’m sure the other mechanics think it’s cool that you’re down there?

Yes, they’re all pretty nice to me!


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