KTM Canada Presents MXP Chatter With Dylan Rempel

When you look back on Dylan Rempel’s incredible 2020 season, you can’t help but be impressed. Right from the opening gate drop in June to the final one at the Gopher Dunes Supercross in September, this kid was dominant. When all was said and done, Dylan was not only one of the most improved riders from last year, but he was also named the 2020 AMO Racing Reloaded Rider of the Year! This is definitely a great honour for the young rider from Alymer, ON and we’re sure there are even better days ahead as he moves through the ranks. We caught up with Dylan as he’s currently down in Georgia preparing for the 2020 Mini O’s at Gatorback Cycle Park later this month

MXP: Hey Dylan, how are things going. You’re currently down in the USA correct?

DR: Yes, Nathan Snelgrove and I are at Maximum Powersports of Georgia right now training for Mini O’s. We raced at Baja Acres last weekend and then we drove down here to ride.

You had a great race at Baja last weekend. Can you take us through the weekend?

The weekend was fun and it felt great to race again. We flew in late Friday and raced all weekend. Sunday was the Dunlop MX12 championship and I won the Dunlop Elite Rider Award. It was a little cold but the track was good for both days of racing.

I’m sure a lot of people were wondering how you even got into the USA with all of the restrictions at the border. However, if you flew down then that makes sense.

Yes, Kyle from OG Goggles shipped the RV and bikes across and we flew into Flint. It all worked out and we were both happy to be back in the USA and racing at Baja.

Well, at least you got down there and had a great race. I understand that you’re staying down south for a while. What races are you planning on doing?

Yes, we are going to do Mini Majors this weekend, then the GPF Cash for Class race at GPF the following weekend, and then the Mini O’s later on in November, During the week we’re just going to be training and trying to get better.

Dylan had a great 2020 season and was most certainly the star of the AMO Provincial Series. Photo by James Lissimore

That sounds like a fun few weeks for sure. You’re coming off a great season Dylan both in the AMO Reloaded Ontario Provincial Series as well as the Walton TransCan. What did you do during the off-season to get yourself ready for 2020?

We trained down south in March and raced a lot of the Florida Gold Cup races. I also trained at my track (Compound 138) with my trainer Steve Shore. I don’t know, I just worked really hard and that gave me a lot of confidence coming into the season. I got off to a good start during the first few AMO events and just went from there.

You also switched from Suzuki to KTM, did that change make a big difference?

I think so! The KTM’s felt not only faster but also lighter. From the moment I got on the KTM I felt comfortable.

As I said, you had a great season. Are there a few moments that maybe stand out?

I guess winning the final motos on the 85cc moto at the Walton TransCan was one of the great moments. I had some mechanical issues in the opening moto so to come back and win felt good.

It was too bad that you had some bad luck at the Walton TransCan, but I get that’s racing. Another impressive moment for you was during the SXTour rounds at Gopher Dunes. We saw you jumping pretty much everything at the SXTour races, were the Triple jumps and finish line jumps difficult on your 85?

Not really, we trained on similar tracks at Compound 138 and Vision Tracks built us a full SX track to practice on. You definitely had to commit, but they were fun!

Well, it was fun to watch. So what is the plan for the off-season and next year?

I’m just going to keep training and pushing to make my goals possible. My main goal is to be a top rider at Loretta Lynn’s in 2021, and also to win the Super Mini and 85 12-16 class at Walton TransCan.

How old are you and where do you call home?

Right now I’m 13 years old and I live in Alymer, Ontario.

Winning the final two motos in the 85 12-16 class at the 2020 Walton TransCan was one of the highlights of Dylan’s season. Photo by James Lissimore

How old were you when you began riding and how did you get into motocross?

I think I was 3 years old when I first got on a quad and a dirt bike. Soon after that, I started racing TVR, and then last year was the first year we took it seriously.

You’ve come a long way in a short time Dylan. What things do you like to do when you’re not riding dirt bikes?

As far as other sports go I enjoy playing hockey. Other than that I just like hanging out with my friends.

Have you been attending school this year or doing your classes at home?

I’ve been homeschooling this year and so far it’s been going well. Especially with being down south now, I can do all my work online.

What is your favourite subject?

I would say that Math is probably my favourite.

I’m glad you said Math and not Gym class (laughs). Well Dylan, enjoy your time down south, and good luck at the races you’re doing. Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

My Mom and Dad, I obviously wouldn’t be doing this without them. Steve Shore from Compound 138 and SRS Motorsports, he’s been a huge help to me and my program. Also, Kenzie Hennessy, OGs Optics, Callus MX gear and gloves, DND Moto Products, Lowride Customs, Bodies by Paton, Ty Shemko, SSS Suspension by Colton Facciotti.

Thanks for your time Dylan and keep up the good work!

Thank you and thanks for reaching out!