MXP Chatter: Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson has had a couple of years that he would love to forget. Since winning the 2011 AMA 250 Outdoor Championship, it has been one injury after another for Dean. Just as he heals up and gets back into shape, something else happens and he is forced to heal up again and make yet another comeback. This time around, Dean is determined to put all of this in the past and go after another 250 championship in 2014. After almost two months of relentless training with Ryan Hughes, Dean headed to Las Vegas for the Monster Energy Cup. We caught up with him to see how he thought the weekend went.

Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson has a very large fan following and everyone was happy to see him back on the track Saturday night.

Q: Hey Deano, what’s going on this morning?

A: Not much Palms, just relaxing today. You know how Mondays are after a weekend in Las Vegas (laughs).

Q: I haven’t been to Vegas in a few years so I don’t remember that well. Let’s talk about the weekend, it was so awesome to see you back racing.

A: Thanks, I thought it went okay. I think it could’ve gone better but considering I haven’t raced for a while, it was kind of like getting thrown in the ring with the lions. It was great to see a gate drop again and get one out of the way before 2014.

Q: If the format on Saturday let you throw out a moto you probably would’ve been on the podium. Not bad for not racing for four months.

A: Yes, it was too bad I fell in the first main event because I was running up front. Coming in my goal was to finish top five in all three mains and I almost accomplished that. They had watered the track so much before the first main that it was actually muddy in some spots. I came into that corner and just pushed the front end. A few riders stacked up behind me so it took a while to get going. After that I just tried to find some lines and not eat too much roost. The roost of those 450s really hurts there.

Q: That was your very first supercross on a 450. What was it like racing against those guys?

A: It was good. I rode the first few rounds of the outdoors on the 450 so I’ve raced Villopoto, Stewart and Dungey before, and I grew up racing against Tomac and Barcia so there were no surprises there. The hardest thing was just the power of the 450 indoors, but the track was a little bigger than a normal SX track so it was good. I actually had a lot of fun.

Q: I know you’ve always been a hard worker but from reading Twitter and some recent interviews with you, it seems as though you really have taken your training to a new level the last six weeks or so?

A: I feel as though I’ve always worked hard but yes you’re right, the last two months or so have been tough. I’m working with Ryan Hughes now and he’s been really good at pointing me in the right direction and getting me back up to speed. That was one of the reasons that I came into this past weekend so prepared. Even though I hadn’t raced for so long I felt really comfortable and confident.

Q: The Monster Energy Cup is obviously a one-off race and now you have a few months until 2014 begins. Is the plan just to keep training hard? Are you going to any overseas races?

A: I’m not going to go overseas at all, I’m just going to stay here and train and get ready for 2014. I think that will be the best plan for me. I don’t want to go overseas at this point and risk another injury or something.

deano - frank hoppen

Dean was very happy with how the Monster Energy Cup went for him as he felt really confident on the bike.

Q: Has Mitch Payton told you which coast you’ll be riding or is that always a last minute decision?

A: Mitch always waits to see who’s ready before he decides, so my only goal is to be ready to go for Anaheim 1 and we’ll see what happens.

Q: For all of us that didn’t get to race on Saturday night, how hard was that triple onto the tabletop after the first turn?

A: Oh man, it was a big jump. Even just to land on top and then double off was tough. In practice you couldn’t even think about doing what Stewart and Villopoto did because the landing of the tabletop had a pretty defined edge to it. After it got wore down a bit then it looked possible. I almost pulled the trigger on it in the third main event but decided against it. I figured that it wasn’t worth the risk at this point.

Q: Good thinking! Speaking of scared, I think your cousin Andrew is a little scared right now at the thought of becoming a Daddy soon.

A: I bet he is, that is some scary stuff! Once you have a kid everything changes.

Q: Definitely, he might need a pep talk from you and Ryno soon?

A: I’ll have to call him soon. I think he’ll be okay. I think every guy is scared before it happens, and then once the baby is here everything is cool.

Q: I would agree with that. Well Dean, as I said it was great to see you race again. We hope the rest of the off season goes well and we look forward to seeing you go for a few championships in 2014.

A: Thanks Chris. Please say hi to everyone in Canada for me and we’ll see you in 2014.


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