Alpinestars Debuts Always Ride Free: Nitro Circus Special Edition Part 1

To support the Astars Nitro Circus collection, Alpinestars debuts part one of a two part Nitro Circus film series.

For the past 10 years, the Nitro crew has cultivated a reputation of thrills, hi-jinks and stunts. While that has been the foundation for their wild ride, they still find pure joy and freedom in what they do. As a special part of the Astars Always Ride Free film series, we sat down with the Nitro crew and our 16MM camera and let them reflect on what Nitro was, is and will be. Accompanying the interviews is 16MM footage, resurrected from the Nitro archives featuring Travis and other past and present Nitro crewmembers. The special Nitro film is a supplement to the ongoing Astars Always Ride Free series which features a variety of Alpinestars athletes captured on 16MM.