Atlas Brace Tyke Series Brings 30+ New Racers to the Track

To end off 2018 AMO wanted to drop the gates for new faces with the dream of becoming a motocross racer. “Motocross is a family sport through and through,” shares Ryan Gauld “Team sports are great but learning about yourself and growing inside the Motocross world builds so much self-confidence that carries any of us into the real world like a boss. The Atlas Brace Tyke series was an introduction series to our sport and by the numbers it was a huge success.”
  • Every round had their own riders meeting
  • There own race day
  • There own organizers
  • Trophies for every kid
  • Prizes for all
  • Final round Izzy Booy, Zach Pyke, and Holden Twizwell brought home Atlas Brolls to help kick-start their race career as well an MRC membership to race in 2019
AMO see’s the future, understands it, and believes we do the best as providing the most attractive atmosphere for our sport. No matter a veteran or brand new to racing
Thanks to all these families and their little racers for joining us at the track;
Henry Dillion
Boden Moffatt
Adrianna Conway
Weston Snelgrove
Atticus Bennett
John-Luca Gallo
Connor Bleakley
Phoenix Mcnichol
Ryker Bleakley
Rylee Fenech
Izzy Booy
Bryden Fenech
Lucas Bokma
Sam Chambers
Travis Clark
Phoenix Pender
Zander Mclean
Grayson Schlupp
Holden Twizell
Alyssa Stott
Sierra Miller
Gage Robb
Amanda Scott
Charlie Martin
Aj Staples
Darcy Stuyt
Zaidan Wright
Austin Patriquin
Lincoln Thompson
Atticus Gingery
Carter Pype
Keagan Facciotti
Zachary Pype
Jake Gauld
AMO is the future for Motocross in Ontario and we want you to be part of it!!
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