Behind The Lens: 2015 RM-Z 450 Press Launch


The first thing I notice was how good the new RM-Z 450 turned.


All you have to do is just point the front wheel and grab a handful of throttle.


The Zaca Station MX track provided a perfect setting to test the new Suzuki. With a full line up of media and Suzuki’s top riders on hand, there was alot of laps put in on the new bike.


The skies the limit with the new RM-Z 450


I was having so much fun that I didn’t even mind losing a whip contest to X-Games Gold medalist Vicki Golden.


Here we are sharing the Zaca Station airspace with the helicopter carrying James Stewart. JS7 rode for about two hours and then called it a day.


I had to make sure the photographer was getting the shot.


The 2015 RM-Z 450 corners so well you can take your eyes off the track. Don’t try this at home.


James didn’t ride alot of laps at Zaca Station but when he did it was pretty awesome. He can still do things on a dirt bike that no one else can.