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COOL!!!! That’s the best way to describe the weather and some of the fabulous racing at Sand Del Lee this past weekend.

By MotoMom

Despite last week’s rain, Sand Del Lee (SDL) pulled off a great race weekend. Rain … Drain… Race – that’s how the MX101 team handled Mother Nature’s wet threat. Strategic track maintenance early in the week and a decision to keep riders off in advance of the event appear to have paid off.

Fortunately, the rain stopped by Friday afternoon, just in time for the arrival of the riders. Other than the start line that could only be described as “slippery, sloppy and slick” on Saturday morning, the rest of the track proved to be in amazingly good shape (all things considered) and continued to shape up pretty quickly as the day went on.

Kudos goes out to MX101 who not only looks after the needs of the pros in attendance (and there were quite a few (thanks to the Pro Racer Group led by Ryan Gauld and Kyle Keast), but they truly care about their amateur riders, right down to the 50cc riders for whom they found an alternative start line so they wouldn’t have to try and “survive” the start line. Now there’s a promoter that recognizes the future of the sport and the importance of creating the most positive race experience possible for everyone. Very cool!!!

That’s also how one could describe the temperatures this past weekend …very cool!!! With the thermometer struggling to reach double digits, family, friends and motocross fans still lined the fences and took their places in the stands despite the low temperatures and chilling wind that accompanied the grey, rainless clouds. But it would take more than this to dampen their spirits and that of the hundreds of racers who signed up for 17 classes of racing.

From the minis to the bigger bikes, from the amateurs to the pros, there was some pretty good racing going on; having said that, the battles rarely took place for the lead. There seemed to be a frontrunner in many classes who assumed a commanding lead early in the race, then checked out to take the checkered flag in a number of motos. This could be said of Sébastien Racine in the 50cc 4-6 class, Bjorn Viney in the 85 cc 7 to 11 class, Connor Arsenault in the 85 cc 12 to 16 and Super Mini classes, Allie Argue in the Ladies class, Rick Argue in the +40 class, Dylan Wright in the Intermediate MX2 and MX 3classes, and Jeremy Medaglia in the Pro-Am and Youth classes. Very cool for many of the amateur riders who qualified this fast50ridershavingfunweekend to represent Eastern Ontario at the 22 August.

This does not mean that spectators were not treated to some great battles throughout the weekend. The crowd cheered for riders who frequently swapped finishing positions in the minis, Beginner, Junior and Schoolboy classes. After all was said and done, it was Jacob Kolman who took top hours in the 50cc 7 to 8 class. Thomas Rendall and Jeremy McKie took turns being in the top spot in the 65 cc 7 to 9 class, with Jairred Killeen was the leader in the older 65cc category. Jordan Coney proudly finished first in the MX3 Beginner class on both Saturday and Sunday. Josh Vandeglind earned the top spot in the MX2 Beginner class on Saturday, but it was Colllin Kopetoske who took first place on Sunday. Bailey Joy led the charge in the MX3 Junior class on both days, while Anthony Spadaccini topped the podium in the MX2 Junior class on Saturday but saw his rival Brendan Robertson do so on Sunday. Simon Jappert and Bailey Joy took turns being top of their class in the MX1 Junior category. Schoolboy is always an entertaining moto and the riders did not fail to make the race a crowd pleaser. Brandon Gourlay was victorious in this class on day 1, but came in second to Nick Jones on day 2 of the racing.

Not only the young, but the young at heart lined up to race. About fifteen riders signed up for the +25,+40, Vet Junior and/or Vet Master classes. Congratulations to all these riders and especially those who won their motos.

sdlracereportproThe cool factor continued with the Youth and Pro-Am classes as 8 of Canada’s professional motocross racers made the trip to Sand Del Lee to get some last-minute racing experience before they begin the national professional racing season in Nanaimo, British Columbia next week. Jeremy Medaglia (#12), Kaven Benoit (#17), Liam O’Farrell, (#27), Kyle Keast (#37), Shawn Robinson (#39), Stanley Clair(#55), Drew Roberts (#60), and Ryan Gauld (#107) were the pride of the track with intermediate riders nervous and pumped to have the opportunity to race one another and with spectators excited to see the group battle back and forth throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, Ryan Gauld injured his knee and was unable to compete in all of the motos he intended to run in. Jeremy Medaglia and Kaven Benoit experienced some technical problems that prevented them from completing one of their motos and Shawn Robinson bowed out of some of the final races on Sunday due to a minor injury. And then, there was Kyle Keast who failed to race moto 1 of the Youth class because … he failed to keep up with the race schedule. He was sitting in his pit when his fellow racers left the line (LOL).

While Keast failed to keep pace with the moto schedule, some of Ontario’s intermediate riders were striving to keep pace with the pros on the track. Taylor Arsenault and Scott Cameron, past Walton TransCan bronze boot winners, as well as Tyler Duffy, Nick Jones, Scott Hough and Dylan Wright were among the young lads throwing their hat into the ring and achieving some top 10 finishes. Very cool fellas! Congratulations!

SDL: Pro-Am, Saturday, May 25, 2013SDL85cc

Overall Nbr Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned


2nd #37 KYLE KEAST – YAM





SDL: Pro-Am, Sunday, May 26, 2013


2nd #55 STANLEY CLAIR – KAWsldracreportladies


4th #37 KYLE KEAST – YAM



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