Decal Work Presents The Monday Gate Drop

mxp gate drop

As we say goodbye to the most romantic day of the year, DeCal Works continues their support of Canadian motocross by once again sponsoring this Monday Gate Drop. If you need a set of custom graphics on your brand new bike, or a set to freshen up your used bike, all you have to do is log onto and within minutes you can design and order a complete set of the best graphics in the industry. 

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Although this day isn’t an official holiday, in the last few years it seems like we’ve seen a resurgence of St. Valentines. Even in schools where things are always evolving to fit the new social agenda in this Country, Valentine’s Day has remained exactly the same as when I was in school. And that is a good thing! To see the kids handing out cards and candy to their fellow classmates and friends is great and exactly what we need more of in today’s sometimes blurry society. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed their romantic Sunday!

I will warn you that this week’s Gate Drop may be on the short side as today in Ontario it’s Family Day. With lots of local family activities, this is definitely a day to spend with your most cherished loved ones. More on Family Day in a moment, let’s first talk about Saturday’s Monster Energy Supercross from beautiful San Diego, California.

sd2 jets

If you ever travel to San Diego then you have to visit the Midway Aircraft Carrier and do a tour. I’ve been through it three times and I learn something new each time. Photo by Frank Hoppen

With absolute perfect weather, Round 6 blasted off at Petco Park with an abundance of anticipation. Coming off last weekend’s massive track in Phoenix, the riders in San Diego must have felt like they were racing in a phone booth on Saturday night. Because of the track layout, the slippery dirt, and maybe the riders all looking to get away from the West Coast in one piece, I thought the race was without a doubt the most boring of the season. When the track looks that slippery on television, you know that it’s just a hair above riding on ice. Not to mention just how awkward the layout looked, there was little hope for the racing to be anywhere near where it’s been in the first five rounds. For instance, that section prior to the triple jump that was right out of the corner, where you had to go wide or you weren’t able to triple, and then it was followed by a deep set of whoops, that was painful to watch all evening on television. I guess it maybe wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be, the track just didn’t seem to flow very well and that seemed to stifle the action a little. It was very cool, though, seeing the Military appreciation theme they did. Almost every team did something cool with their bikes and riders’ gear and they all looked amazing.

I won’t go into too many details about the actual race as my esteemed colleague Brent Worrall covered everything so eloquently in his San Diego Two Race Report. However, I agree with him completely that it appeared like whomever got the coveted holeshot held an enormous advantage on Saturday. I also agree with Brent that Eli Tomac more than likely was the most frustrated rider at Petco Park as he could not manufacture a pass on Trey Canard in the main event. I believe that Tomac’s passing troubles were because of the track and also due to the fact that the top riders just don’t like battling with Canard. Not only is Canard fast enough to be a frontrunner, but he is also all over the track when he feels someone is close. I mean, it’s one thing to battle and not give up a position easy, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a completely different thing when you weave inadvertently all over the track to keep riders behind you. I say ‘inadvertently’ because I really don’t think Canard knows he’s doing it. Anyway, Tomac wasn’t able to find a way around Canard, while Roczen and Jason Anderson were able to, and that was the difference. Up front, Ryan Dungey did exactly what Ryan Dungey does when it matters most, he took the lead early and never was challenged. For 20 laps it was just Dungey vs. the slippery San Diego track, with no one around who could take the lines he wanted to and ride at the pace he was most comfortable with. It’s performances like this that make Dungey so good at what he does.


Eli Tomac had a frustrating evening in San Diego as he got stuck behind more than one rider. The newest Monster Energy Kawasaki rider appears to be getting more comfortable each weekend so look for him to win a race very soon. Photo by Frank Hoppen

As the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series packs up and begins its journey east to Dallas, Atlanta, Daytona and Toronto, the real SX season is just beginning. Soon the riders will have to face ruts, cold weather, increased travel and a few more things that always seem to make life a lot harder on everyone for the next two months. This is where Dungey really made hay last year, he was just so smart and efficient in the eastern rounds. He always got good starts, and when he didn’t get a good start he was still able to charge up to a podium position at worst. It was almost impossible for anyone to make up points on him and I think unless we can see a Roczen or Tomac find some more speed, or even Chad Reed, we might be watching Dungey ride away to another SX championship. However, this is Supercross and anything can happen both on the weekends and during the week practicing, so let’s wait and see. I just want to see as many healthy riders as possible show up at the Rogers Centre in a months time to put on a show.


Ryan Dungey was once again on another level Saturday night and handled the slippery San Diego track with ease. Photo by Frank Hoppen

One rider who told me last week that he will not be on the starting line in the 450SX class in Toronto is Cole Thompson. Originally there was talk that Cole would be racing Toronto, but with his still sore shoulder and very little time to prepare a 450 for SX, Cole has elected to take the time off to heal before the West 250SX Series resumes in April. Cole was on the line in San Diego, though, and when all was said and done, he rode to a very impressive season high 9th in the main event. Even with Cole not feeling 100%, he still rode strong on the stingy San Diego track. Hopefully he can take the momentum from his awesome finish on Saturday night into Dallas this coming weekend. I believe that with a great start Cole can finish as high as 6th or 7th and maybe even higher. Anyway, I’m proud of him for just making main events and I hope he continues to ride well.

sd2 cole2

As every Canadian knows by now, Cole Thompson rode great in San Diego and finished in a season high 9th in 250SX main event. Photo by Frank Hoppen

Well, that’s it for me this week. I hope everyone has a great week and if you live somewhere where they celebrate Family Day, then I really hope you had an awesome Monday. I know this whole Family Day thing is still fairly new, however in a sport like ours that is all about family, it really is a special day. Finally, I’d like to congratulate Brock Leitner on racing his very first SX on the weekend in San Diego. It’s such an awesome feeling to finally get your first SX over with. For every racer growing up, racing SX is something we all dream about, and when it finally comes to fruition it is definitely an unforgettable moment. I’m sure Brock fell asleep on Saturday night with a huge smile on his face. Let’s hope there’s many more to come for Brock and for lots of young Canadian riders.

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