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mxp gate drop

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least that was the song said that we were singing on the way to hockey this past weekend, along with other Christmas favourites on Sirius channel 17. Today is December 1st and we’re now officially into the month that brings us a visit from the big guy. When I was a child this time of year was always very special. Now that I’m a father I’m trying to pass along that same joy. I guess hearing Christmas music on the radio is one of the first signs that December 25th is just around the corner.

My weekend plans were changed at the last minute so I didn’t end up travelling out west to Chilliwack for rounds 5 and 6 of the Future West Canadian AX Championships. I’ll let Brent Worrall fill you in on exactly what happened in “Beat’s Barn” on the weekend since I wasn’t there, however from what I saw the racing looked to be fantastic. It’s too bad the entire series couldn’t be run in Chilliwack as the track and facility is just awesome. This weekend, the track featured an over/under jump; how cool is that?! Anyway, this incredible series is going down to the final weekend so it’s going to be a great finish. Here is the current point standings in both classes.

Pro Lites:

1. Teddy Maier 122pts
2. Jake Anstett 120
3. Ross Johnson 116
4. Shawn Maffenbeier 110
5. Brock Hoyer 92
6. Brad Nauditt 81
7. Todd Minnie 80
8. Jess Pettis 78
9. Dylan Schmoke 68
10. Dylan Delaplace 46

Pro Open:

1. Ross Johnson 128pts
2. Teddy Maier 123
3. Adam Anticknap 114
4. Shawn Maffenbeier 104
5. Brock Hoyer 102
6. Jake Anstett 80
7. Noah McConahy 76
8. Ricky Dietrich 75
9. Ryan Lockhart 73
10. Todd Minnie 52

chilliwack 14

Throughout the weekend in Chilliwack a bundled up Brent Worrall kept everyone informed on what was going on. photo by James Lissimore

Although I didn’t spend my weekend in unusually cold BC, I did spend Saturday evening at an indoor track watching some racing. Round 2 of the Chesterman’s Indoor Series took place Saturday in Tillsonburg, Ontario. It’s officially only a pit bike series; they only have 50cc, 65cc, 85cc and then a couple of pit bike classes. Even with the limited classes the racing on Saturday night was pretty good and the track looked fun. The highlight of the night was the intense battles between Ken Clark and some of the kids in the Large Frame pit bike class. After trying to push the older Clark around, they quickly found out why his nickname is “Hammer!” Kenny definitely gave the kids a little pre-Christmas spanking and it was pretty fun to watch.

Last week the industry was rocked with two separate announcements that left us all surprised. The first was the signing of Jeremy Medaglia to the GDR Honda Team, and the second piece of news was that after many years Andy White and KTM Canada were going their separate ways. I guess it’s safe to say that the Medaglia signing came as less of a shock as there had been talk about this happening for a few weeks. Having the younger Medaglia brother under their tent certainly gives Honda and the GDR race team a real title hope in the MX2 class next year. Can Jeremy be the rider who dethrones Kaven Benoit? Only time and ten rounds of racing next summer will tell us. Whatever happens, I think it will be very exciting to watch it unfold in 2015.

The second piece of news I mentioned was that of Andy White and KTM Canada going in different directions. No one saw this coming as it was a huge surprise. Andy and KTM have been going racing together for a long time so it’s going to be weird not to see him under their tent in 2015. In this business, though, everyone has a shelf life, riders move around, sometimes mechanics change teams, media people move around, and this time it’s Andy who now has the opportunity to go and find something new. We wish him well in whatever the future holds, and we can’t wait to find out what he’s doing next.

jer ch

Since Jeremy Medaglia looked great on a Honda during last season’s Arenacross Series, we can’t wait to see him back on red for 2015. photo by James Lissimore

As far as KTM Canada goes, it sounds as though they’re going to promote JSR to replace Andy as Race Director. Although this just adds to JSR’s already full plate, I think he’ll be great at this new job as few people in this sport understand racing as well as he does. Next year is definitely going to be an interesting one for the Orange Brigade with JSR at the helm and Cole Thompson and Kaven Benoit (and possible Tyler Medaglia) as the team riders.

It is now December and the wonderful month of Christmas. As part of MXP’s Christmas celebrations, we’re going to send out ten questions to as many pro riders and industry people as we can. These Q an A’s will appear every Tuesday and Thursday on To kick it off this week we have the Medaglia brothers tomorrow and Thursday so you have to check it out. To give you a sneak peak of what the questions are going to be each week, I’ve answered them myself below. I hope you enjoy them all this coming month and I hope you have a great first week of December. If anyone else wants to take the time to answer these Christmas questions, please go for it and send them to me at I will be happy to post them for you.

xmas vaca

Who hasn’t been able to relate to this guy at Christmas before?

MXP: What is your best Christmas memory as a child?

CP: When my brother, sister and I were young, my Dad used to take one of our gifts, hide it and then make up a series of notes with clues for us to follow. Sometimes the clues would just keep us inside, however sometimes we would have to head outside into the cold to find our next note. After seven or eight notes we’d find our gift.

Are you a big Christmas person or not?

I am a very big Christmas person, with great memories like above how could I not be?
Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

Although I’d love to try Christmas one of these years in a warm climate, this year we’ll be at our home in Shelburne, Ontario.
Best Christmas gift you ever received?

Good question. While I’ve had a few pretty good ones over the years, the best would be a set of goalie pads I got from Santa when I was eight.
Have you even started your Christmas shopping yet?

Not exactly…but I’ve thought a lot about it. Does that count?
Would you rather race another Regina mudder or have to go to Wal Mart on Christmas Eve?

While I was in Regina this summer, I obviously wasn’t racing so I don’t know exactly how difficult it was. However, I hate Wal Mart at the best of times so I’m going with racing a muddy Regina.
What do you want for Christmas this year?

A new Polar heart rate monitor is on top of my list.
What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Without a doubt it’s Christmas Vacation. That movie is a classic and never seems to get old.
Be honest, do you wrap presents yourself?

I do wrap my own presents but I’m not at all that good at it. When all of our presents are under the tree, the ones that I wrapped are painfully obvious and get made fun of every year.
If you ever came face to face with Santa what would you ask him?

I’d tell him three things. First I’d say thanks for everything, then I’d tell him to fly safe, and finally I’d ask him to leave a cookie for me.

moncton kaven

Good luck to Kaven Benoit this coming weekend at the Geneva SX. photo by James Lissimore