Denaye Giroux Blog: A New Year!

denaye pic oct3Hope you are all enjoying this painfully long cold winter. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have much snow around here this year. It not only is really bad for sales at shops, but it takes away our winter activity of good sledding every weekend. Of course if you travel far enough north or west to the mountains you can find the powder, but it sure would be nice to sled right from the garage out through some deep fields of snow. Our other hobby during the Saskatchewan winters is watching Supercross! (Yes, I consider that a hobby here) I’m sure you have all been watching the races so far… there has been some pretty crazy and unpredictable racing that has happened over the past couple weeks. Our Canadian boy, Deano, has finally put together a solid race to get the win, and it is good to see Reed show the youngsters he can still shred with his smooth, effortless, veteran style. I am still rooting for my boy Dungey though, one of these weekends he will pull it together if he stays on the bike and doesn’t take 10 laps to pass someone that he is clearly faster then.

On the Women’s side of things, Women’s Motocross in general has been so up and down in the past five years that it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. Both the USA and Canada have had Women’s racing compete the same day as the Pro men, giving elite women riders the privilege to be a part of factory race teams, supplying women riders the highest level of marketing, sponsors, and the biggest stage to present themselves. I myself had the chance to race both in Canada and the USA when it was at its peak. You could see the hype in women’s motocross really take a step forward the first couple years, but after a few seasons, things started to fall apart, sponsors weren’t backing us up, and the overall atmosphere had lost its spark. Most of that came from everyone comparing the speed of women riders to that of Pro men riders. During a race day the men really out shined the women and the women just became the side show

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Things had taken a turn for the better in the Canadian Series when the racing was moved to the Amateur race day. Although we had some people doubt us, the series we asked for could not have gone any better. The women were no longer pushed to the side and are now showcased as the main event. Traveling along with the Pro Nationals, it still gives the women a high class event with media and sponsors on board helping us all the way. Let’s face it, if you were to throw out an Intermediate rider with Ryan Dungey or Colton Facciotti on a Pro day, of course they would look slower. But if you were to throw out a top five women rider on an Amateur day, lap times would be comparable to that of a top Intermediate rider, showcasing their talent for a better audience. If you haven’t seen the WMX Schedule for the States’ girls, here it is:

2014 WMX Championship Schedule:

1. SUN/MON Mar 9-10 RCSX Daytona – Daytona Beach, FL
2. SAT Mar 22 Freestone Spring Classic – Wortham, TX
3. SUN Apr 13 California Classic – San Bernardino, CA
4. SAT Jun 28 Mammoth Mountain – Mammoth Lakes, CA
5. SUN Aug 31 Baja Brawl – Millington, MI
6. SUN Oct 5 KROC Raceway Park – Englishtown, NJ
7. SUN Oct 19 Top Gun Showdown – Blountville, TN
8. SAT Nov 29 Winter Olympics – Gainesville, FL

They too are following the route of putting the Women on Amateur race days. Although there has been a lot of negative feedback, I think they will soon figure out that this could be a new way of reinventing Women’s Motocross. All of the young, upcoming Amateur girls will have something to strive for, and although I still think we have the advantage of following our men’s National Series across Canada, we might see the Canadian Women’s Series one day be the elite place for Women racers to be. Seeing all of the promising young, up and coming ladies in Canada is something we need to keep our eyes on. There is going to be some great racing in the upcoming seasons.

If you missed the Canadian Women’s Series, here it is one more time:

June 1st Nanaimo, BC (Sunday)
June 7th Kamloops, BC (Saturday)
June 14th Calgary, AB (Saturday)

July 12th Gopher Dunes (Sunday)
July 19th Sand Del Lee (Saturday)
July 26th Deschambault (Saturday)

Be sure to check out our Canadian Women’s Motocross website that Sierra Roth has designed for both the WEST & EAST Riders.

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