Denaye Giroux Blog: The Fun Bus

denaye pic oct3“The FUN BUS”!!!! – a household name that has taken over our 1988 Ford Motorhome. Growing up there are always things that hold great memories from your childhood, whether that be a certain place, smell, or object. Mine…was the Fun Bus. This motorhome has given us endless amounts of stories throughout the years with the thousands of miles put on from travelling all over Canada. We went West Coast to East Coast multiple times, down to Sacramento, California, Fort Worth, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Millville, Minnesota and the ultimate meeting place at the Nationals that makes it live up to its name. This might not be the fastest steed out there, it maxed out 110km/hr, but it got us from point A to point B every time. So I figure now is a better time than ever to share some great memories.

Let’s go back to 2006, our first big road trip in this incredible unit. We travelled down to Millville, Minnesota to the AMA Outdoor National to race the amateur day and then watch the pros race on the Saturday. If anyone has ever been to an AMA National a couple years ago, they’d remember the security at the gate to search your vehicle for any alcohol that might be brought in to the pit area, which was Not Allowed, but with our new gem, my Dad found some pretty unique hiding places for his precious pilsner. It was searched out ahead of time, places like behind the heater vents on the floor, up inside the air conditioner, and stuffed under the pullout bed. Sure enough we got away with it for years. After that we headed over to the Walton TransCan where we would race the week. On our way home back to Saskatchewan, I remember very clearly that there was starting to be a gap in the flooring at the back of the motorhome to the point that you could see the highway when we were driving. Turns out the weight of the trailer on the hitch was pulling down the flooring of the motorhome every time we hit a bump in the road. We made it back safe and got it all fixed for the next trip.

denaye fun bus

The next one I remember was the trip when my Dad and I went to Texas for the WMA Cup. This was seriously the trip of bad luck! It all started about an hour down the road into the trip when the radio decided to stop working. No music the entire 27 hours there!!! Shortly after the radio kicked out, I noticed it was a bit cold and noisy in the back so I got up to check when I noticed the big side window slid open so I closed it. Five minutes later it was open again because the latch on the bottom had broken so I ended up shoving a knife in the bottom to keep it closed. After making it across the border it was my turn to drive. It was getting late and the weather was not going our way. There were vehicles in the ditch left and right, the highway was like a sheet of ice, and the fog got thicker by the minute. About an hour into my drive we turned off the interstate and had to stop for the night because the roads were closed. Once we made it to Texas the place we were going to ride, Oak Hill, was under water so we made our way to a different track close by. I went out to practice and within 15 minutes it had started to snow! I wanted to get a bit of riding in before we went to the race but that wasn’t going to happen. So with little time on the bike we made it to the WMA Cup.

The next incident happened more than a couple times on us. Once on our way to Ste-Julie, on the busy highway in the middle of traffic the brakes decided not to work. After almost rear ending a few vehicles, we couldn’t figure out the reason behind it. Another time I was driving through the States on the busy interstate coming into one of the big cities with four lanes of traffic and the brakes once again decided to fail, but after pumping on it a few times it grabbed. The biggest one was when my Dad and Step Mom, Lorrie, stayed out east at one of the campgrounds. They were making their way down a steep hill when the brakes got too hot and sure enough Dad went to push the brakes and there was nothing. I remember him saying that he was ready to throw on the E Brake!  We can laugh about all of this stuff now because nothing bad happened from it, but at the time it was a heart attack waiting to happen! I’m sure to be missing out many other stories but these are the ones that I can clearly remember at the moment. Good times!

denaye fun bus 1

So with the many pieces that have broken off, parts that had to be repaired. There were many times of pure frustration with this beauty, but nothing can take away the great memories we have had. All six of our family members crowed into this living space at one time. It was well worth the money and will be memories I will keep forever. A couple years ago Dad decided to upgrade to a toy hauler, which has been a great addition. But there were times when we took the fun bus even though we had the luxury of something new. The fun bus was always the most adventurous to take. If you were wondering, the fun bus is still alive and kicking. It stays at my Dad’s house and is brought out for special occasions. Sometimes there is no need for a fancy big bus or huge campers that people drive around in nowadays. We had huge success in what we lived in for those summers. We didn’t have a big budget with six of us racing, so we took what we could get and made it into the best summers of our lives!