Fox Presents Words by Dylan Wright- Wright out of the Gate

Wright Out of the Gate – The Journey to the Wild Wild West

GDR Honda Shoot Gopher Dunes Raceway Courtland, Ontario November 29, 2016

Dylan Wright and his new boss Derek Schuster. Photo by James Lissimore

Well as you all may know, I left 2 weeks ago to start the long drive to California, to begin my winter training. Once I had everything all ready to go, my dad and I headed out with my truck and trailer in order to start the drive that never seems to end. To start off the trip, there is always the question about how the border is going go. This always calls for some concern because, they are always trying to make sure that I am not doing any work or making any money racing during my stay away from home. The one thing that I have learned about the border is to always be honest with them because truly I do have nothing to hide and with this philosophy most of my border crossings have gone very smoothly much like this one had. After getting threw the border smoothly, we had planned on making a strong push to the drive hoping that the first couple of days driving went by quickly. In this case that meant for a sleepless night while being behind the wheel. Even though most people know this isn’t the most ideal thing to do and you get a couple reminders of why the rumble strip is there LOL. But in the end when you do get to the destination, it is always worth it. After making this strong push to the drive for the first two days, we thought we were done with the snow. After about 40 hours of driving we had made to flagstaff Arizona. With the elevation in flagstaff, there had to be at least 2 feet of snow which was more than we had at home at the time. When my father and I saw his, not going to lie it was a little discouraging knowing that we had driven so far only to stay the night in a hotel which almost resulted in being snowed in!! The next morning was the final drive to Riverside, and thank god by the time we got here it was sunny and 75.

When we got here and got settled in, I could not wait to finally put some moto’s in on the new Honda motorcycles. The following day, my dad and I headed out to milestone where I rode the absolute holeshot CRF450R for the first time. I immediately fell in love with this motorcycle. I do admit that during my first few laps I did feel a bit rusty because I hadn’t ridden except once since mid September due to my knee injury. Shortly after turning a few more laps that day I started feeling better and better with every lap I put in. By the end of the day I was feeling more and more like myself on the bike and loved that new Honda 450. The next day, because of all the rain that they had previously gotten here in SoCal (which I might add, rain is a rarity here!!) I could not wait to go up in the mountains and do some trail riding with Alan Brown (the guy who is kind enough to let me stay at his house while I am here). To be honest it felt very good to hit the trails with him and not going to lie it was a pretty technical ride because of all the rain ruts that had formed. These made it a bit tricky, but I mean someone had to groom the trails right? As we climbed to higher and higher elevation, we did hit quite a bit of snow. You guys must be thinking that does sound crazy, but it is a sweet feeling riding up into the snow line. Overall, it ended up being a very good ride. We were out on the trails for about 3 hours which makes for a pretty good change of pace from the original moto’s that we do at the track. I find that these technical rides really help with grooming bike skills and make riding my dirt bike fun! As I continued on for the week I had returned to milestone to ride that new CRF250R and all I can say is “what an amazing ride that thing is, that bike handles soo well and even after only riding is a couple of times I feel like I can put that bike wherever I want it, as well as I feel very comfortable riding it”. The thing I like the most about it is how nimble and light it feels. I can move the bike around a lot and like I said put it exactly where I want it to go. As I write this blog, I just finished a good day of riding at Glen Helen. It was another great day on the 450. The track was nice and rough and even in those conditions my bike handles perfect, thanks to Joe Skidd from SSS suspension for pointing me in the right direction as I got the suspension even more dialled in.

dylan wright cali

Dylan’s views in California are pretty awesome!

As I continue my training down here in Cali, I look forward to the countless days of hard work and dedication that lie ahead. Each day is a new adventure and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I can’t thank the people who support me and make it possible for me to be able to do what I love.   As some of you may know, being away from home for an extended period of time sometimes isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. You are away from the people you love and the people that support you the most. Being down here is very fun and being able to ride is amazing, but there are always those times where I can’t help but think of what is going on back home. All I can say is thank god for cell phones and facetime to keep me connected!!