FXR Pre-Mix Nationals Are Born

January 22nd 2019

FXR Pre-Mix Nationals are born!

Brigden, ON – Making a much-anticipated return in 2019, two-stroke racing is coming back!! Jetwerx is proud to announce that the “FXR Pre-Mix Nationals” will be joining the Rockstar Energy MXtour as a support class on the Pro Day at 8 rounds. FXR Racing has stepped up to bring a retro sound and look to the new-school racing scene. These events will be one-off races to add a walk down memory lane, where the FXR Pre-Mix Nationals will be individual rounds and not running as a series.

“This has been in the works since the last-minute idea at the final round of the tour in 2018,” shares LIVE announcer Ryan Gauld. “With two-stroke popularity back on the rise, the amount of heroes that think they can still rip a 125, then add in that sweet-sweet smell of the pre-mix: this is a no brainer to add more of this show to 2019 Rockstar Energy MXtour”

“I am a big believer of two strokes, I love how they are making a comeback, the sound of a wide open two stroke is pretty damn cool too” – Andy White FXR Racing 2019 FXR PRE-Mix Nationals: –

Each event is its own. NO SERIES FOR 2019 – $40 entry fee (Free FXR T-Shirt at sign up) – Practice plus Two moto format on National Saturday – Top 3 Overall podium for the day – Second moto and Podium LIVE on Rockstar Triple Crown National webcast

FXR Pre-Mix National Schedule

1. Calgary

2. Prince George

3. McNabbs

4. Gopher Dunes

5. SDL

6. Moncton

7. Deschambault

8. Walton


MRC Racing Rule Book used

– 12 years +

– 125cc to 150cc legal for FXR Pre-Mix Class

– Vintage 125s Welcome

– FXR Pre-Mix Race Event Sticker MUST be at the top center of the front number plate.

– FXR Pre-Mix Bench race at day’s end