FXR Racing Presents Behind the Lens- 2017 Phoenix Supercross


As the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series moved east to Arizona’s desert, fans and riders prepared for the first race without the injured Ken Roczen. With the Honda rider getting multiple surgeries in Colorado to repair his badly broken arm, the rest of the field lined up for the first real indoor race of the year. With a more traditional track inside the University of Phoenix stadium, riders were able to use the multiple 180 degree corners, as well as the long whoop section for passing. When all was said done at Round 4, Kawasaki riders Justin Hill and Eli Tomac stood atop the podium in their respective classes.  As the series now moves northwest to Oakland for the final California round of 2017, we take a look at what went down on Saturday evening through the lens of Krystyn Slack.

ph anderson

Still sore from his incident with Vince Friese last weekend in Anaheim, Jason Anderson rode to a very conservative tenth at round four.

ph dungey reed

Fans in Phoenix got to witness a great old school battle for second between Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed.

ph dungey

Every rider in Phoenix struggled with the 270 degree corner made up of deep sand.

ph finish

Even the privateers enjoyed the bigger Phoenix track.

ph forkner

Since the opening round, Austin Forkner has gotten better and better each time he takes to the track. In Phoenix, Forkner scored his very first SX podium by finishing third overall

ph fxr

Heath Harrison looked great in Phoenix in his 2017 FXR gear.

ph gate

Thor had the gates covered at round four.

ph grant

After a massive crash on press day, Josh Grant recovered well and was the most stylish rider in practice.

ph hill

Proving that he’s now the rider to beat in the 250SX West class, Justin Hill came from behind to win the main event in Phoenix.

ph kjsc

For the third week in a row the KJSC kids got the chance to race on the same track as the big boys.

ph mclerath

After winning the first two rounds of the 250SX West series, Shane McElrath has had to play second fiddle to Hill for the last two races.

ph mclrath

With round four now history, Shane McElrath must regroup and find the speed needed to deal with Justin Hill.

ph millsaps

All night Davi Millsaps was the only rider who was wheel tapping his way through the difficult roller section.

ph musquin

When this series is over, Marvin Musquin may look back at round four as the race that cost him the championship.

ph reed corner

In vintage Chad Reed fashion, he was able to come from behind to finish with a very impressive second overall.

ph reed webb

It’s great to see the factory Yamaha team back in full force with Chad Reed and Cooper Webb.

ph reed

Reed used his superior speed in the long whoop section to make up time on his competition.

ph shot

It’s great to see new gear companies like Shot in SX. In Canada, Motovan is the exclusive distributor of Shot.

ph tomac

After struggling through the first few rounds, Eli Tomac finally put it all together in Phoenix and took his first win of 2017.

ph track walk

One of the best parts of the kids day is getting to walk the track with their SX heroes.

ph track

With a large floor inside the University of Phoenix stadium, fans were treated to the best track of 2017.

ph webb anderson

After a lengthy battle in their heat race, Jason Anderson and Cooper Webb came together in the final corner and hit the dirt.

ph webb bike

The Yamaha boys straighten up Webb’s bike after his altercation with Anderson.

ph webb

Each week Cooper Webb appears to be getting more and more comfortable in the 450SX class.

ph wilson

Dean Wilson only has one race left to break the top ten and show why he deserves to get a ride for the rest of the series.