FXR Racing Presents Catching up with Kennedy Lutz


by Dawn McClintock

We gave Kennedy Lutz from Yorkton, Saskatchewan a call to chat about her recent win at the Freestone Spring Championships in Texas and get a feel for her plans for the upcoming season. She has been training hard and has some serious goals planned for 2017. Keep this fast young woman on your radar because she will be turning a few heads when the gate drops.

Jacqueline Shortino photo

Hey Kennedy welcome back home. I guess you’re missing weather and the sunny south?
I am . Actually, I came home and it’s not too bad. There’s not much snow.

Congratulations on your recent victory at the Freestone Spring Championship. We had a look at your lap times and you were on the gas. How did that week go for you?
Thank you. Freestone was awesome. I was battling for wins the entire time. I came home with one championship and two seconds. I guess that will motivate me to push harder so I can get more wins in the future.

How long had you been down south riding?
After Walton I took some time off and I went back to RealDealMX and that was in the middle of January. So I’ve been training since January and I went to the Spring Nationals. There’s three of them I just got done with.

Your dad seems to be your travelling buddy on this moto adventure you are on. What is your dad’s history in the sport?
My dad had a dirt bike but he never had the chance to race. He doesn’t have much of a history to it but he got me a dirt bike and he rode for a few years while I raced. He got me a PW and I happened to be fast and I enjoyed it. He had to quit after I started beating him though.

The Lutz family and FXR also have a little history.

A few years ago, weren’t you on a 125 2-stroke? What are you riding now?
I believe my last year on the 125 was 2014. I’m on a 250F now through Schraders and Yamaha Motor Canada.

Take us back to last season, what events were you racing? Did you do any rounds of the Women’s national series?
I didn’t end up doing any of the women’s series but I did do the Walton TransCan and it was the highlight of my year. I won that and I also got the Scott Golden Goggle award that week for the most dominate rider. So it was awesome to receive an award like that. The reason I didn’t do the Canadian west series is because I wanted to try for the C class at Loretta Lynn’s. So I qualified for that and that was really awesome because only one other girl has done that before. It went really well. I got third in Womens and my best moto finish was 7th in 450C.

Jacqueline Shortino photo

I do remember seeing you at the Walton TransCan and getting your win and your award. Do you have plans to come back again this year?
Yes, for sure. I love Walton. I like the track, the people there and the atmosphere. I will definitely be back. It’s all the fastest people in Canada go there so if you beat everyone there then you’re doing alright.

We heard that you might have some big plans to shake things up on the east leg of the Canadian Women’s nationals. Is that something that’s in the works?
Plans are still up in the air just yet.

Can you tell us a little bit about your amateur career?
When I was on 50s up into Superminis and the ladies class, I won a bunch of Sasakachewan championships. I was still in hockey when I did that so I wasn’t like a full time trainer then or anything. I won a bunch of Saskachewan stuff and then I moved on to the Raymond Amateur Nationals. I think I won in 2008 for Western Canada so that was pretty cool. Once I started winning, stuff in Canada, I moved onto the states and I think I got a total of eight amateur national titles. I got 2 titles in 50s at Raymond.

Were you considering qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s again this year?
I think so. I’m going to do the qualifiers anyways and that’s my plan is to do Lorretta’s.

Jacqueline Shortino photo

You get a lot of support from Schraders out of Yorkton and that Rick Bradshaw is a pretty stand up guy. Ever since I’ve dealt with them they have been a huge supporter for women in motocross. It must be pretty cool having them in your camp.
Yeah Rick Bradshaw is an awesome guy to deal with, he’s really nice and he does a lot for me, with bikes and helping me out with everything.

How long have you been with Schraders?
They are in the same town as me so they have been helping me out since I started racing. He really takes his riders seriously and cares about them.

Do you do any winter / off-season activities like sledding?
I used to do more of that. Now that I’m training I don’t really have a lot of time to do that sort of stuff. There’s still snowboard, but we sold our sleds.

Jacqueline Shortino photo

Do you have have a woman in the sport that you kind of look up to?
Believe it or not, not really. I’ve always just kind of been my own person and I’ve never really had anyone who I looked up to.

Just out of curiosity, how are you liking the new gear?
The gear is sweet! It fits so good. It fits awesome and looks nice.

I’m glad you’re liking it and thanks for chatting with us Kennedy. We are super excited for what your 2017 season holds and keep us in the loop with what you’ve got going on.
I will for sure. I’m excited for the races coming up too. Thank you very much.