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FXR Racing Presents Racing With Clason- Heat Wave In Sand Del Lee

Coming into Sand del Lee, I was beyond excited as I love the track and the people. I’ve heard plenty of people say good things and bad things about the place, but I don’t get it. The track is rough, yes, some sections are one lined, but to me, that isn’t a big deal because every track has that. It’s definitely one of my least favourite first turns, but at least it is slow and safe. My day didn’t go quite as I had hoped but we are still building.

I came into this round expecting a lot just because of how much I like the track, but it’s hard to do great when you start outside the top 20 both motos. First moto I felt great, moving forward, making passes and my lap times were pretty good considering I was stuck behind people. Around 15-20 minutes, I made it into 6th and was hoping to be able to catch 5th, so I was still pushing hard. However, once I realized that wasn’t going to happen I started to back it off and conserve some energy since it was so hot. Well, that didn’t last long because with three laps to go Cole Thompson caught me and I had to put in a big effort to keep him behind me till the end.

For the second moto, even just sitting on the line I felt like crap, hoping that once the moto started I would get right back into the flow of things; that did not happen. I got another bad start, and just being stuck behind people for way too long and eating roost and running bad lines hurt me. By the time I finally got around everyone, I just couldn’t find a flow or any fast lines. I did it to myself. I just need to get better starts and run with the guys up front because I know I can.

So, this week I made sure to do more starts than normal, plus longer sprint lap sets to try to extend that speed to more than just a few laps. Being at my parents’ home in Ohio is nice because there are usually plenty of tracks to ride as long as the weather is cooperative. This week I was able to ride one new track I have never been to, which was pretty cool. I will say that I miss the dirt in Ohio. It’s usually so good, it’s pretty hard to mess up. Something that I have noticed, I’m finding more pleasure in riding different places more often. I know it’s hard because everyone has that local practice track that is open during the week, but seriously, you will have so much more fun riding if you go and explore new places.  

As far as going  to Moncton this weekend, I’ve always kind of liked this track, too. I have some of my best finishes there. Last year, I was battling for a podium spot until my bike let go at the 15 minute mark. Riverglade Raceway also has some of the nicest track owners and workers I have ever met. Even when I race supercross, they would always make it a point to hunt me down in the pits and come and talk. I love that stuff and I think it’s under-appreciated by most riders. Well, that’s about it, I’ll see you on Saturday and thanks for reading!


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