Gopher Dunes has been closely monitoring COVID regulations for the last 12 months and modifying our operations as necessary. This has included; being closed to the public, being open but with limited capacity and strict regulations, being open with continued strict regulations both inside our pro-shop and outdoors at the track and in the pits. It is an ever-evolving situation that our owners and staff take extremely seriously for the safety of all.With the revised regulations issued by the Provincial Government this past Thursday we have consulted with our legal team and we will be updating our operating procedures and rules/regulations for staff and customers alike.

GOPHER DUNES WILL REMAIN OPEN-our facility is an off-road, recreational park and as per the newest COVID regulations that “a permitted outdoor recreational amenity may only open if: Physical distance of at least two metres can be maintained”-our property is such that it allows the safe physical distancing of our patrons.-we will remain open for recreational riding only.

ALL RACING EVENTS ARE CURRENTLY CANCELLED“Motorsports” which is defined as “the act of a sport involving the racing of motor vehicles”This is clearly defined therefore at this time we have made the decisions that we will not be hosting any racing events until further amendments to the Provincial regulations are made which allow motorsports to operate legally.

PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW OUR UPDATED COVID RULES BEFORE ARRIVING TO OUR FACILITY-Annual waiver forms MUST be completed online prior to arrival.-Masks are mandatory everywhere at our facilities except when your riding helmet is on, or you are at your own vehicle.-Check in at the Pro Shop upon arrival. Maximum 4 customers in our store at a time.-Our staff will park you after check-in. You will be parked a minimum of 30ft from the next closest vehicle.-No spectators allowed, riders may bring one person with them as long as they arrive in the same vehicle, although they will not be able to watch from the usual spectating spots.-No additional vehicles. If you show up in a vehicle without a bike, you will be turned around.-We have noticed over the last 12 months of operations cars parking on the side of the road and people sneaking onto the property in an attempt to circumvent our rules and regulations for safe operations. This will not be tolerated and we will take necessary action to prevent this.-Overnight parking will only be permitted by seasonal overnight parking holders.

Please email or call Kerri 519-550-0922.-Physical distancing must be practiced at all times while at our facility.-If you are unable to meet these requirements, unfortunately, you will need to wait until a later date to ride here. Please understand, we as a society are going through a great deal and the stresses of the last 12months impact people in different ways. Our staff is trying the best they can and we understand our clients are as well.


be patient-

be kind-

be courteous-

be respectful-

understand it is not about an individual rather a much larger community. Everyone has a reason why they feel they should be allowed to bring spectators, why they need to park in a certain area, why they don’t have their bike/atv with them we appreciate the support from all of you! Have fun, stay safe.