Help Brandon Gibson Heal!

On March 30th, Brandon Gibson a veteran motocrosser was tinkering in the garage with his dirt bike. Having raced and performed in his teens and 20’s, the dad of 2 young kids, was just as comfortable in the air, at high speeds, or on one wheel on that dirt bike, as he was with the injuries over the years that have come with his passion for the sport.

Unfortunately, March 30th wasn’t like other days, as a freak accident saw Brandon lose control of his bike, slam himself into a parked vehicle, requiring immediate medical attention. Neighbors jumped into action, as emergency services personnel rushed to the scene. Brandon was fortunate to receive excellent medical treatment at the scene, and he continues to receive world-class care with multiple surgeries at Lionsgate Hospital.

With a long list of injuries from head to foot, Brandon has a considerable road to recovery ahead and will be unable to work as he looks to get back to health and his kids.

The funds raised are intended for Brandon to use as a supplement to lost income while he is recovering both in hospital and at home, as well as to assist with the extensive rehabilitation he will require. 

Any donation small or large will help Brandon until he is back on his feet and able to work again.

His friends and loved ones thank you for your well wishes and generosity towards Brandon.

Fundraiser by David Bell : Help Brandon Heal (