Highlights and Insights:VIMX/CMRC Island Championships


Jim Muir

I once read a book at school by one of those really good authors, like Jane Austin or Emily Bronte, that was all about ‘balance’. I recall the book seemed to think it was a good thing, balance. I mulled it over and agreed, and decided to try and live a balanced life. Then, somehow, I got involved in motocross again. My life has been seriously out of balance ever since. Especially over this most intense part of the schedule leading up to Nationals, my life is all about motocross. ALL about it. There is not even a semblance of balance in my life, I’m fully weighted up with motocross. Up in Port McNeill though, for a fraction of a moment, I looked up at the stars over the vast expanse of mountains and trees, and I sensed a faint glimmer of some kind of balance. I know people, people like me in fact, sometimes whine and snivel about the long drive up to Port McNeill, but for me it has become like a pilgrimage. No one said it was going to be easy, but there is a reward at the end of the trip…three days in the heart of ‘God’s Country’. I know at least one guy who would describe it differently, he’d use words like ‘trapped’ and ‘hell’ in his description, and maybe it’s not for everyone, but personally I find going there once or twice a year puts it all in perspective for me. If it’s done right, this motocross thing can provide its own kind of ‘inner balance’. It is essentially camping, with daily entertainment and activities for the kids! There is family time, campfire time with friends, time to relax, and time to find a bit of balance between the stars and the vast expanse of mountains and trees. In Port Alberni the sun was out, and my wife commandeered my camera and went around snapping photos of some of the people we spend our summers with. Nice shots babe!