Honda Racing makes any RED RIDER feel welcomed to race with AMO/MMRS

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Where there is unity there is always victory!  

The race season is fast approaching with just over one month till the opening race at Gopher Dunes for AMO/MMRS in 2017.  This off-season has been one for the records in ways that only benefit our members and supporters that choose to race with us. “Never before has an amateur scene received so much support to enhance the racing experience like what’s being seen in Ontario,” states AMO President Ryan Gauld. “With the help of MMRS, our goals are being met each week. We’re very excited to get the season going.”

Honda Racing sees the value in supporting AMO/MMRS for 2017 because it’s all about the amateur racers. The grass roots of the sport are the reason we can all continue to enjoy the sport of Motocross in Ontario. Without the great families that race each weekend with AMO/MMRS the pro series would be very hard to maintain or even survive.

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Honda Racing will support with: ? In the Atlas Brace Super series Honda Racing will give away $250 dollar parts credit to a Honda rider of AMO/MMRS choice at every round (13 events) for a total of $3250. ? Honda Racing offers contingency for the Atlas Brace Super Series  ? The Madoc National in August will receive 1 – $500 parts credit to a Honda racer of AMO/MMRS choosing. ? Lastly, one lucky Honda Racer will win another $500 parts credit at the yearend banquet celebration. That makes a total of $4250 from Honda Racing in Parts Credit.

AMO/MMRS Participating Sponsors for 2017:

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2017 AMO/MMRS Membership Info:
Individual Racer: $100/per Family Membership: $160 * This covers all family members living under the same roof 18 years and younger. * This also covers any family member who is a student, up to 21 years of age. * YOU MUST BE AN AMO/MMRS MEMBER IN ONTARIO TO QUALIFY FOR WALTON TRANSCAN AS WELL TO HAVE A CHANCE AT OUR BIKE DRAWS AND BANQUET GIVEAWAYS WORTH OVER $40,000 AT YEAREND.

Please visit ONLINE right HERE to purchase: 2017 AMO/MMRS Membership You can see this ONLINE right HERE: 2017 AMO/MMRS Schedule

AMO/MMRS Supporting Sponsors for 2017:

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Whether you’re a new racer, old racer, serious racer, or just a fun racer, we’re your one-stop race series for a safe, family, fun-filled summer. We hope to see you on the gates in 2017 chasing your dream with AMO/MMRS!