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Introducing The 20201 Yamaha WR450F Announced

Toronto, ON (September 3, 2020) – The WR450F is the machine of choice for fast trail riders and enduro racers. Now, for 2021, Yamaha’s top-of-the range woods weapon is fully reworked with technology that has been forged in the intense heat of MX competition.

More power and sharper handling are the results. To create an enduro bike with the flexibility to win races as well as tackle tough trails, the YZ platform was extensively tested and tuned with enduro-specific settings. Using the 2020 YZ450F as a starting point, Yamaha’s experienced development team created an enduro race bike that turns, stops and goes better than ever before. The 2021 WR450F produces bulk power that’s transferred to the ground in a more controllable manner, with additional traction at both wheels.

Sporting a new aluminum bilateral beam frame, the WR450F feels lighter, turns easier in tight situations and has improved stability both in the bumps and in the air. Progressive, smooth KYB suspension has been enhanced, and braking performance is now improved.

The 2021 WR450F is designed to appeal to those born to ride, from professional enduro riders to super capable trail riders. The new model comes in the same Yamaha Racing Blue colour scheme as its YZ and FX cousins in the Yamaha off-road lineup. MSRP is $11,199, with delivery to Canadian dealers expected in October.

More powerful, compact 450 cc engine

Already renowned for its enormous power output, the WR450F engine has been thoroughly redesigned for 2021 to deliver stronger and more controllable performance. The new engine is essentially the new-generation YZ450F, tuned for enduro—which means it’s significantly more compact and lighter than the previous WR450F engine. The revised configuration enhances the bike’s mass-centralized design to make it one of the easiest-handling large-capacity enduro machines.

Featuring increased compression ratio—up from 12.8:1 to 13:1—the reverse cylinder head also runs a durable forged piston and aggressive cam profiles. New intake/exhust systems and ECU run specific settings to deliver the best balance of race-winning performance and ultimate controllability for tight trails.

Tougher wide-ratio, 5-speed transmission

The WR450F’s robust five-speed transmission is built to handle even the most aggressive left foot. The specially-developed gears feature a large surface area that spreads the load, and third and fourth have received a surface treatment to increase durability. In addition, the shift drum and selectors now give improved feel and a shorter stroke when shifting. Ratios are ideal for enduro riding with lower gearing from first to third gear and a taller fifth compared to the YZ450F.

New lighter aluminum frame for sharper handling

For 2021, the WR450F uses the same bilateral beam frame as Yamaha’s flagship YZ450F motocross machine, tuned for enduro use with WR-specific engine mount brackets.

Designers carefully retuned the compact YZ aluminum frame to match the more powerful engine. To reduce weight and fine tune the bike’s instinctive handling performance, the new bilateral frame features thinner main spars with thicker bottom tubes. In order to achieve an ideal balance of rigidity and flex for enduro riding, the shape and bolt tightening settings of the front and rear engine mount brackets have been revised. The combination of these measures offers an improved feeling of connectivity to the ground, clear feedback from the riding surface when going over bumps, and light handling.

New for 2021

  • New cylinder head weighs 310 g less than previous version
  • Increased compression ratio (13.0:1 from 12.8:1)
  • New intake/exhaust valve angles and intake port design
  • New piston and more concave combustion chamber for increased power
  • Tougher five-speed gearbox with heat-resistant friction plates and enduro-focused gearing
  • New controlled-fill aluminium bilateral beam frame tuned for enduro
  • Revised top triple clamp, front wheel axle and bar mounts for optimal front-end rigidity balance
  • Revised KYB speed sensitive fork and shock absorber tuned for enduro
  • Revised brake calipers with larger caliper pistons and increased rigidity
  • New brake pads with 25 percent larger surface area
  • New compact instrument display with fuel consumption indicator
  • New lighter footpegs
  • Lighter and stronger front axle shaft, top triple clamp, handlebar clamps (from YZ450F)

Key Features

  • Rearward-slanted cylinder design with mass-centralized wraparound exhaust
  • Lightweight electric starter motor
  • Tool-free airbox access
  • Large plastic engine guard
  • Large-capacity radiator and cooling fan
  • 18-inch rear wheel designed for excellent performance in enduro riding and wide tire choice
  • Four-position adjustable handlebars
  • Sealed chain
  • 9-litre plastic fuel tank and compact fuel pump
  • Forged aluminum kickstand sits close to the bike
  • Meets global emissions standards

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