A Look at the final weekend of the 2014 Future West Canadian Arenacross Championships

By Brent Worrall

Photos by James Lissimore


The Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross series will come to a highly anticipated, action packed conclusion this weekend at Chilliwack’s Heritage Park. This series has delivered over and above any expectations one could have put on it with its early start and abbreviated schedule. I know I can only speak for myself, but given my strategic vantage points at all rounds doing the live broadcasts, my moto senses have been invigorated and satisfied with every gate drop of every class. Upon conclusion of this weekend, champions will be crowned in all classes, and might I add there will be no asterisks.

This series has provided everything and anything you could imagine in the way of variables from the different venue surfaces all the way back to the outside start at round one in Armstrong. It has been impressive to witness many riders overcome any track adversities, and harness and saddle up everything they can muster in the way of luck, fortitude, positive energy and skill to lay their claim to titles. This weekend’s track has of course been changed, and by early accounts it looks as though what was a forty plus second lap time last weekend will be near fifty. I spoke with Ryan Lockhart from Atlas Brace Technologies headquarters this morning and he said he felt good and was ready to rip. Ryan has his sights set on claiming his best Pro Open finish of the series as well as closing out his second consecutive Dash for Cash overall championship, which he leads with three victories.


Ross Johnson is all ready for the championship showdown this weekend.

Voracious, thrill seeking race fans that make the trek to Chilliwack will not be disappointed as the battles for the podium positions in many of the classes are yet to be settled. With many eyes focussed on the title chases in the Pro classes, only time, a little bit of good luck and some serious throwing down of everything in a rider’s arsenal will separate at lighting of the Future West candles. This is how the top five stack up in the Pro classes heading into the final weekend.

Pro Lites

1. Teddy Maier – Kawasaki 122
2. Jake Anstett – KTM 120
3. Ross Johnson – Honda 116
4. Shawn Maffenbeier – Yamaha 110
5. Brock Hoyer – Yamaha 92

Pro Open

1. Ross Johnson – Honda 128
2. Teddy Maier – Kawasaki 123
3. Adam Enticknap – Honda 114
4. Shawn Maffenbeier -Yamaha 104
5. Brock Hoyer – Yamaha – 92

The new track layout sees riders off the start head north right towards the Heritage Park Loft Bar then exiting into the waiting sloped face of the Big Steel Box, Ironside Designs over/under. This start will make for a great segway for riders to reward themselves for their good starts. The down slope of the Over/Under leads right into the face of a huge double in the main barn giving race fans in the main grandstand a full peripheral dose of the highest Areanacross action airtime. If you are a fan of airtime and if that is not enough, you are in luck as Canadian Kawasaki Freestyler Kris Garwasiuk and Red Bull KTM’s Kyle Demello will be there to provide more serious high flying shenanigans and every trick in their veteran bag of freestyle fun.

maier and johnson

This is type of battle that the fans are hoping to see at the final round of the 2014 Future West Canadian AX Championships

The temperature in Chilliwack is forecasted to be a welcomed balmy 8 degrees both Friday and Saturday evening. Myself and the Canadian Moto Show will be there bringing you all the ‘Live’ action once again at 8:00pm Pacific. Join us by tuning in at www.canadianmotoshow.com Gates open at 6:00pm, and if you want a seat at all I recommend you get there early. This is it folks, the last chance to get a glimpse of all the great racing action which leads to the Future West Glory and Gold. Everyone loves a winner and this series is just that.