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M101 FXR Racing Yamaha Race Report- Round 7 In Riverglade

Riverglade Raceway July 24, 2022

For the first time since 2019 the MX101 team and the Triple Crown series made their return to Canada’s East coast – Moncton New Brunswick and Riverglade MX.

The opening 450 moto was a little wet as the track crew flooded the track just moments before gate drop in an attempt to keep the dust down. Shawn Maffenbeier, would lose his front end ½ way through the moto while trying to make some moves on Medaglia. He would remount for a lonesome 4th. A top ten start for Westen Wrozyna and a mid moto crash good enough to bend his Ride Engineering bottom triple clamp so you know it was a big one, had Westen remount in 16th place, he recovered to 12th place in the closing laps.

Consistency was also key in the second 450 moto. Running in second for most of the moto, a late pass would put Maffenbeier back to third place, this would still secure third overall on the day for the number 3 machine. Starting in 11th in the second moto, Wrozyna would move up quickly to 9th where he would spend the next 12 laps, until the checkered flag. This would secure the 10th overall for Wrozyna who is still feeling the effects of his Walton 1 crash and is unable to ride during the week and is just soldering for points on the weekends.

Marco Cannella, still feeling effects of his Walton and Sand Del Lee crashes sadly was sidelined for the weekend. He should rejoin the team this weekend in QC.

Points Standings: Triple Crown Series MX Tour


(-100) Shawn Maffenbeier 3rd

(-193) Westen Wrozyna 6th


(-114) Marco Cannella 6th


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