Mail It In Friday

Another week of Mail It In Friday. Before we go any further we would like to give ourselves a big old selfie hug for hitting this blog three weeks in a row. As we always preach in a championship run, consistency is the key.  This week we trained hard at the keyboard and we could not of  done this with out our Dunlops hooking up like they do and our… wait never mind. We give you MIIF on this great Friday

Here we go…. “Hey AMA, WTF?” How is it riders we cheer for always get the short end of the results stick! Once again…robbed! This time it was when Canadian Cole Thompson made a superhuman charge in the final laps of last weekend’s Supercross.

Thompson had closed up on Vince Friese in the final corner. Vince  thought his “buddy”, Jimmy Decotis, was behind him in sixth, so he said he didn’t expect a last-corner pass attempt. Apparently there is a buddy rule about passing in the last corner.  When he  realized it wasn’t his buddy Jimmy but instead someone that was actually racing him, he admitted that he turned sharp on that last turn and left no room on the inside. That is where he came together with Cole Thompson in the final corner.

Friese ended up going over the finish line tangled in the BACK of Thompson’s bike. In all respect to Vince, it had to hurt and it must have been impossible to do anything but ride along behind. Despite being in Cole’s REAR wheel up the finish line, AMA still ruled him AHEAD of Cole. Check out the photo below. Notice Vince’s leg sticking out below Cole’s number plate!  As for the ruling, Cole, Canada and BobbyK feel your pain brother.


Thompson Instagram photo.

It’s always cool to get some info on Motocross families. The Triccos sent this over about their winter adventure down south:

Winter Words
Dan, Jake & Luke Tricco
Written by Mom – Team Manager

“The convoy of Canadian trailers with their families in tow headed for the warm south on February 28th. The weather was a little cooler than expected so straight to Georgia it would be. First stop was to visit the Lusk family track in Georgia where they were pleasantly greeted by Ronny and his southern hospitality. The kids would enjoy a few days of riding and some lessons from the veteran who trained some of the world’s greatest of riders such as Ricky Carmichael and Travis Pastrana just to name a few. Then off to Bostwick in Florida, the track was rough, gnarly and crazy busy. One day of riding then it was off to the next destination – Pax. We did a lot of riding there and some under the lights that was pretty cool. Now time to head to Daytona on Friday where Mom would fly in and meet up with us. Wow finally at Daytona Speedway!! What a place. Big rigs everywhere, Pros wandering around, and so much to take in. We went to the Honda party where we could meet the riders; we later find out that Jake and Luke were both featured on Speed Channel live getting some autographs. Saturday we took in the Supercross event in reserved bleachers for the amateur riders, great seats!!! Sunday was qualifying for the main event on Monday. Jake would qualify 5th in the 65 class, 7th in the 85 class, while Luke qualified 6th in the 65 class. Daddy Dan qualified 6th in his class. Awesome! All Triccos are going to the main event on Monday. Luke finished 21st in his class. Great job Luke, we’re very proud of you. Jake was 8th in the 85 class and 5th in the 65 class. He actually ran in 2nd 5 out of 6 laps behind the Loretta’s Champion Ty Masterpool when on the last lap he had a fall which had him finish in 5th. Way to go Jake. Dan finished 7th in the 40+ A class with the likes of Mike Treadwell congrats.

Daytona is over and time to move on to Alabama it is. We arrived at Riverside in Alabama where we were the only one of six families there. The track was all to ourselves. The Alabama classic was on!! Dad’s riding pit bikes around the track for bragging rights. Lots of fun!! Four days of riding an amazing track, burned lots of gas, and put many hours on the bike. We left on Saturday for the Great White North just in time to go back to work and school. A great training, racing, and riding holiday had by all. Can’t wait for the upcoming season.  Thanks to all the Canadian families that helped us create such great memories: The Sullivans, the Scotts, the Mairs, the Walters, the Canellas, the Buchanans , the Kitcheners and the Parsons. ”

















If you are in Ontario and haven’t gotten your AMB transponder for 2013, it is not because the guys at RDS have not been working to make them available! The first CMRC ANQ is now two weeks away and riders need to act. Last dealer day is this SATURDAY, in Newmarket, Ontario at Machine Racing. Get down to the shop. Not only can you get everything taken care of, but Machine is one of the must-hit bike locations this time of year. Who knows what will happen there.  Maybe you may see John explode on someone, someone may randomly race their bike through the parking lot, a wash bay brawl may happen, Kyle Keast will likey be just hanging out, or maybe the mystery that is Grumpy will appear.

This photo isn’t motocross, but how dreamy does it look?

REDBUll Pumptrack


Ami Houde is really starting to put herself on the map. Not only is she a beautiful face but a beautiful mind too. Take a look at an upcoming project she is doing for women’s racing in Canada.

ami and jamie

Ami & Jamie Moto Adventures – Take Over Toronto Supercross @amihoude71 @jamieroutley93 new article, video and full gallery is up on the website.

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Ontario’s Mitch Goheen is getting pretty good at making videos. Check out his recent release right here.


Nothing to see here strange, looks perfectly comfortable and safe.



The GoPro Videos that are being produced are sooooo good. The edits are good, they give you a great feel of the race, and we just love them.

Jump on board with Ryan Villopoto at the Toronto Supercross.




Dusty Klatt has been working on his artwork while rehabbing his knee. Check out his latest creation.

klatt artwork


We are all saddened to hear of the passing of James “Al” Holley, a former professional flat track rider and the father of former factory Yamaha rider and current Supercross Live! host Jim Holley. Al Holley was well-known at the races, both for his skills as a mechanic and also for his guidance of many international riders as they made the transition to racing and training in the U.S.

After a long bout with illness, Al passed on Sunday evening with his family by his side. He is survived by wife Diane, children Jim, Cindy, Cathy and Chris, and grandchildren James, Jared, Cory and Tony.