In the last week, the Monster Energy Alpinestars Piller’s Kawasaki Race Team made its way across the Canadian rockies all the way to Northern British Columbia. The sand based and hilly Blackwater Mx Park, located near the city of Prince George, was beautifully prepared and ready to welcome all the riders. While the team didn’t get the results they had worked hard for, both Matt Goerke and Tyler Medaglia rose above adversity and claim some important championship points.
After placing 3rd in the morning qualifier, Matt Goerke knew he had a great day lined up ahead of him. In the first moto, Matt got a good start and engaged into a 3 way battle for 2nd place right away. While positions kept changing at the front, Goerke lost and gained places to find himself in 3rd by halfway. For the last few laps of the moto, the top 3 got very tight and as Matt was putting pressure on 2nd place, his chain snapped due to a rock hitting the guard, leaving him unable to complete the moto. Because of his great performance in the beginning of the moto and the fact that he had lapped several riders, Matt still placed 10th in this race.

Matt thought he could use the 2nd moto to redeem himself and get on the podium, but a 12th place start plus a rock hitting his hand on the first lap quickly put his hopes to rest. We would find out later that Matt’s finger was broken as he still managed to finish the race and salvage a 7th place. Despite two rough motos, Goerke left round 2 with a 10th overall and some very valuable championship points.

‘‘It’s such a bummer! The day started so well, but then again, I couldn’t seem to catch a break. On the good side, I was able to show my speed and run up front, where I know my place really is. I will take care of my finger this week and come back ready to put 100% focus towards getting on the podium.’’

Matt Goerke

The 250 class witnessed some very tight racing this weekend and Tyler Medaglia was right there in the mix. After a top 3 start in the first moto, Tyler quickly got into the battle over the top spots. A small mistake early in the moto put him in 5th place, where he would spend most of the race in a non-ending fight over the top 5 positions. After 30 minutes of hard racing, Medaglia had to settle for 6th place.

Tyler didn’t make it easy on himself in the second moto when he grabbed a 15th place start. He was able to enter the top 10 on the first lap and started chasing his usual rivals. Around halfway, Tyler was in 6th place, within eye sight of the top 5, just ahead of him. Despite his best efforts, the #5 crossed the finish line in 6th place, giving him a 5th overall on the day and keeping him in the 250 championship top 5.

‘‘All in all it was an ok weekend. I was able to salvage some points and keep a decent standing. It is a short championship and I know what I need to work on for the next rounds. I’m looking forward to another chance to prove myself next weekend in Manitoba ’’ Tyler Medaglia

The Monster Energy Alpinestars Piller’s Kawasaki Race Team will now be starting its journey East to race the 3rd round of the MX Tour series in Manitoba this next Saturday.
MX TOUR RD1 RESULTS1st: Marshal Weltin (2-2)
2nd: Dylan Wright (4-1)
3rd: Jess Pettis (1-5)
4th: Josh Osby (3-4)
5th: Tyler Medaglia (6-6)
MX TOUR RD1 RESULTS1st: Colton Facciotti (2-1)
2nd: Phil Nicoletti (1-2)
3rd: Shawn Maffenbeier (4-4)
4th: Mike Alessi (3-6)

8th: Matt Goerke (10-7)
250 Championship Standings – MX Tour

1st: Dylan Wright – 103 points
2nd: Josh Osby – 102 points
3rd: Marshal Weltin – 100 points
4th: Jess Pettis – 91 points
5th: Tyler Medaglia – 84 points

450 Championship Standings – MX Tour

1st: Colton Facciotti – 112 points
2nd: Phil Nicoletti – 111 points
3rd: Cole Thompson – 95 points
4th: Mike Alessi – 91 points

7th: Matt Goerke – 76 points


1st: Dylan Wright – 212 points
2nd: Tyler Medaglia – 181 points
3rd: Luke Renzland- 175 points
4th: Marco Cannella – 164 points
5th: Brad Nauditt – 152 points


1st: Phil Nicoletti – 226 points
2nd: Cole Thompson – 221 points
3rd: Matt Goerke – 195 points
4th: Shawn Maffenbeier – 171 points
5th: Cade Clason – 150 points