Monday Maniac #34

by Gauldy107

Back to the grind as they say. As I’m sure the people that read this (according to Big Dickey Grey there are only two) I didn’t write the Monday Maniac last week. It has been kind of a tradition since I started it that I don’t get to a computer much the week after the Parts Canada Trans Can. This year was more needed than most. I was absolutely spent from the week’s festivities and basically took a small vacay from reality. So for those two people (Thanks for constantly pointing that out Big Dick Grey) I hope you were still able to make it through the week without a solid read from the Monday Maniac. Hahaha

I can’t stress enough how much fun the Parts Canada Trans Can and the final round of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals was this year. I have been going to this event from its beginning and this year, for me, was the best one I have ever attended. I truly believe it was the company I had this year that really helped make it that much more special. We had our own little corner set up with a fire pit, great tunes, awesome food, good people and laughs beyond laughs had by each and every one of us. I have had groups like this before but this year was special. The days didn’t seem long, the job didn’t seem stressed, and the racing was a little more enjoyable. Everything just clicked off as smooth as butter. All the changes to the Walton Raceway, on and off the track, really seemed to put the vibe at an all-time high. I guess change can be good sometimes. To the Deiana family, Thur, TW, Newf, Danny B, Beavis, Fabs, Donk, Patty O, French Canuck, and Scotty, thank you for making Trans Can 2012 the best ever in my 21 years of going. I can only hope that it was like that for each and every family that attended. Huge Kudos to the Lee family, Barry Hetherington and the track crew, all the volunteers and staff that helped the week go by. It was amazing from start to finish. Cheers guys. I’m already looking forward to next year.

The biggest thing that stuck out in my mind all week was that I only saw one ambulance the entire time. At a national level when the intensity is high and racers are giving it their all, you usually see way more red cross flags. This was not the case in 2012, which from every vantage point is a good thing. One of the big reasons why this sport has such a hard time breaking into the main stream is the danger side of it. We all know it and deal with it because we love it; we realize this sport breaks bones. For every day, regular peeps that rarely leave the house or take chances in life, they see this sport as a big no no for their kids because of the danger factor. If those people had a chance to come to Walton this year, I feel a small percentage of them would have been buying dirt bikes on the Monday after, joining our family and enjoying the sport we all know so well and love so much. If we can convince one Mommy at a time that little Timmy will get hurt from time to time but what he will learn as an individual racer and the friends he will make for life within the family scene of motocross is something you can’t buy. You need to experience it just like all of us and then you will also realize that this sport can bring you a lot of joy in your life if you give it a shot. I really wanted to point that out this morning, especially after such a big year of injuries at the Pro level. It’s scary, for sure, but very rewarding in the end if you let it be a part of your life.

There was only one real negative that I saw the entire week at the Trans Can. I watched pretty much every moto and for the life of me I can’t remember any unreal battles. At times there were a few laps where the battles were good but at every checkered flag the leader always had a good lead and crossed the flag with ease. Another reason I know this is because I was twitting like a mad man all week; looking back at all those tweets and seeing the excitement as the races came to a close, the battles were few and far between.

On the Sunday it was a completely different story. The Pro class offered some serious drama in MX2. Matt Goerke dominated MX1 but the drama we saw in both motos with Topher Ingalls and Jared Allison for the final championship spot was unreal. I think the reasoning for the better, more epic battles on Sunday was due to the track. During the week I believe the ruts should be way smaller to create more lines. Amateurs don’t look for lines like Pros, which is why the Pros like the long, deep ruts more because they are experienced enough to try a different line. Amateurs just don’t do that yet. A perfect example of that was the final MX1 Intermediate moto when Zach Deiana and Cole Varty battled. Deiana won both motos with ease coming into the final. He and Varty got out front but the mainline on the track was the fast line. The 2nd or 3rd line rut had not developed enough for Deiana to make a move and if he tried it was not fast enough to make the pass. He was also on a 450 where Varty was on a 280 or something like that. This is just a theory I have. Amateurs races need berms and small ruts. Save the big, gnarly ruts for the Pros because they know what to do with them.

So the Pro series has come to an end. Monster Leading Edge Kawasaki riders Matt Goerke and Teddy Maier claimed the titles and led the championship hunt right from Day 1 at the opening round in Nanaimo. The fastest riders won. There can be no question mark surrounding these titles because other riders were hurt or had bikes issues. These two giants led from start to finish and proved why they are champions. Huge congrats and thanks for the amazing efforts of Jeremy Medaglia on his KTM Red Bull Royal Distributing Fox bike and Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider Bobby Kiniry. Both of these superb athletes never let the thought go that they could win their respective title and chased it right down to the end for all the fans. It stings getting second. As Ross Pederson used to say “Finishing 2nd is like kissing your sister.” Both of these titans will be back next year. Going for the #1 plate will be the only thing on their mind.

We don’t really have much of a silly season in Canada. In fact we are so far behind sometimes with that sort of stuff that the first thing we try to get done is an actual race season. That’s just the way it goes in the great white north. But if we had one, who do you think would be on top of the list to hire? It’s got to be Kaven Benoit. The kid set the world on fire in the second half of the season grabbing 5 moto wins and two overalls, and gave both Maier and Medaglia something else to think about other than the title hunt. I have already heard that Kaven has chatted to the Monster crew so come Montreal SX when his KTM deal is done we may be hearing about some interesting news. Kaven is also the only Canadian rider heading to Steel City this weekend thus earning him $500 bucks from “MXP Leads the Way” program. I would have loved to give away more money but it’s not the case this year. Good luck to Kaven this weekend; the cheque’s in the mail.

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Just a reminder to all you peeps that love racing. Big weekend for the MMRS club. Madoc national is this weekend starting this Friday till Sunday with a  huge Ladies class  and Pro class purse. You can find all the info here or visit this for everything you need.  I plan on attending so maybe we’ll see you there. Cheers