Monday Maniac #46

By Gauldy107

Brought to you by Yamaha Motor Canada

Well, we made it. The Canadian Invasion has taken over here at the Florida Mini Olympics. I am especially excited to be here for two reasons: One, this is the very first time I have ever been to this event and two, it’s been fifteen years since I have been at Gatorback Cycle Park. This brings me to my Yamaha Motor Canada memory for this week.

Monday Maniac #46

As I said, 15 years ago Chris Pomeroy and I ventured down to race the Daytona Supercross and the Gatorback Pro National. I was a Yamaha backed racer back then and entering my third year Pro. Back then it was kind of weird but the SX series stopped for two weeks and the entire field of racers switched from indoor to outdoor at the flick of a switch. The day didn’t go that well for me at Gainesville but the memory of being a part of the big race was something that has stayed with me forever. The other memory that sticks with me is the fight I got into with Pomeroy’s then GF, now wife. I was such a little punk and may have blurted out some very nasty words towards her. She caught me off guard and kicked me square in the nuts and I dropped like a sack of potatoes into a fold up lawn chair that folded up with me in it. It hurt and I bled. It was a big laugh later on but at that moment I remembering being in a hell of a lot of pain. LOL

Here is our rig. Tough to see but we have 9 bikes in here.

Now to present day at the same spot – the Gatorback Cycle Park just outside of Gainesville, Florida, but this time it’s for the Florida Mini Olympics. As I said, I have never been to this event before; so far I am quietly blown away. Tons of vendors, lots of food spots, lights rocking all the time like it’s a circus and the coolest part of all is basically any product that you can think of, that rig is here for trackside support. All the manufacturers, pipe companies, suspension, tires, etc. You name it and you can get it here at a super discounted price. For those that have been to a US amateur event of this stature before then they know. This event is different from others down here. You ride Supercross and Motocross to help put your name on the map. The Supercross track doesn’t rival that of the Monster Energy SX series but still looks to have some big jumps and technical sections that will have some riders peeing their pants.

The start gate was so pristine yesterday. By day’s end today it will look like a motocross track rather than a golf course.


When these drop this week we will see the fastest riders from around the globe.

Canadians to look out for down here:

Tanner Ward -85 class

Hunter Scott- 65 and 50 classes

Tanner Scott – 50 class

Kennedy Lutz – Ladies class

Mitch Goheen – Schoolboy and C class

Trever Gervais – Not Sure of class yet

Kieren Dougherty – 85 class

Jim Scott – 40 plus

Ryan Gauld – 25 – 30 plus

Beau Pollock – 65 class

Taylor Ciampicini – Not sure of classes yet

Zack Simmons – 85 class

Nate Hussin – Schoolboy class

Alexadre Morin – Motocross only

The Scott family from Oro, Ontario, Jim (Dad), Tanner (right) and Hunter (left). Thanks to these guys for letting me tag along.


Tanner Ward (left) and big brother Tyler came along for the trip as well.


Way too much money in these pits. It’s like one of those jelly bean jars you guess how many are in there. Take a guess at the dough in these pits. CRAZY!!!!!


Vendor lane selling anything and everything and you can always make a deal.


The program for the week. Not sure why Pro rider Dungey is on the front of the Amateur program but I guess it works.

If I have missed anybody I will find them and let you know who and what classes they race.

This is a short Monday Maniac cause I have to go practice. I will get a day one report up tonight and try for some video but uploading is crazy slow here so don’t hold your breath.