Monster Energy Leading Edge Thor Kawasaki’s Matt Goerke Sweeps Both Motos at Riverglade MX Park in Moncton, New Brunswick

KTM Duroy Racing’s Kaven Benoit captures two more moto wins, leaving Moncton on a four race winning streak  

Moncton, New Brunswick (August 5, 2012) – The Monster Energy Motocross Nationals made its annual stop in Moncton, New Brunswick on Sunday, hosting the seventh round of the season from Riverglade MX Park. For the fifth time this season, Monster Energy Leading Edge Thor Kawasaki’s Matt Goerke, of Lake Helen, Florida, claimed the overall MX1 class win, extending his points lead from his closest title contender Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Bobby Kiniry, of Holland Patent, New York. In the MX2 class KTM Duroy Racing’s Kaven Benoit, of Drummondville, Quebec, raced to his second victory of the 2012 season, as Benoit has now won five of six motos since returning to the series from injury.


Privateer Kawasaki racer Morgan Burger, of Nampa, Idaho, grabbed the holeshot in the opening moto of the MX1 class.  Burger was quickly passed by Redemption Racing Kawasaki’s Gavin Gracyk, of Blissfield, Ohio. Gracyk lead the field for the first five laps until Goerke would assume the position.


At the races half way point KTM Red Bull Royal Distributing Fox Racing’s Dusty Klatt moved around Gracyk to take away the second place position. Gracyk continued to ride tough as he battled to stay in third place. In end Kiniry’s pressure was just too much to take, as he knocked Gracyk off the podium to take third place.


In moto 2 of the MX1 class, Goerke made short work of the field, securing the holeshot and quickly asserting himself as the rider to beat. Kiniry was able to move into second place on the opening lap, while Klatt charged through the pack after a poor start to take the final spot on the podium in third place.


Goerke’s lead in the MX1 class standings is now at 47 points over Kiniry. The point spread will make it possible for him wrap up the 2012 Monster Energy Motocross National Championship next weekend at Sand De Lee before the final series round at Walton Raceway August 19th.


In the MX2 class, Monster Energy Leading Edge Thor Kawasaki’s Kyle Beaton of Surrey, British Columbia grabbed the holeshot to start moto 1. Beaton maintained the lead for the opening two laps, before Benoit would win the battle for the lead. KTM Red Bull Royal Distributing Fox Racing’s Jeremy Medaglia of Kemptville, Ontario and Scott Sports KTM’s Topher Ingalls, of Templeton, California quickly followed Benoit to move around Beaton taking the second and third positions.


One lap later Monster Energy Leading Edge Thor Kawasaki’s Teddy Maier, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, would also move passed Beaton, leaving Beaton to fight for fifth place with Checkpoint Yamaha’s Spencer Knowles of New Westminster, British Columbia. During the fifth place battle, Beaton and Knowles would challenge each other, trading the position back and forth. Unfortunately while battling both riders would come together to knock them both out of the race, leaving Beaton with a season ending broken ankle.


As the checkered flag fell Benoit took the win, followed by Medaglia and Maier.

In moto 2, Benoit took advantage of a strong start, securing the holeshot while opening up a five second lead over point’s leader Maier.  The two riders paced one another for nearly the entire moto finishing over thirty seconds ahead of Medaglia who overcame a mid-pack start to work his way into third place.


Riverglade Notes
In the MX1 class reigning 2011 series champion, KTM Red Bull Royal Distributing Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti and Gopher Dunes Racing Honda’s Tyler Medaglia were both sidelined due to injuries. Facciotti and Medaglia currently sit fifth and sixth in the series points championship. At this time, both riders return to racing is questionable for next weekend.


The competition of 2012 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals will continue Sunday, August 12th from Sand Del Lee”s Motocross Facility, located just outside our nation’s capital in Ottawa, Ontario.


Monster Energy Motocross Nationals
Riverglade Mx Park – Moncton, New Brunswick
August 5, 2012
Round 7 of 9


MX1 Pro Class (Moto Finish)


1. Matt Goerke, Lake Helen, Florida, Kawasaki (1-1)
2. Bobby Kiniry, Holland Patent, New York, Yamaha (3-2)
3. Dusty Klatt, Campbell River, British Columbia, KTM (2-3)
4. Gavin Gracyk, Blissfield, Ohio, Kawasaki (4-4)
5. Tim Trembley, Dolbeau, Quebec, Kawasaki (5-6)
6. Morgan Burger, Nampa, Idaho, Kawasaki (8-7)
7. Jason Burke, Hamilton, Ontario, Honda (10-8)
8. Shawn Maffenbeier, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Yamaha (9-9)
9. Tyler Villopoto, Poulsbo, Washington, Kawasaki, (16-5)
10. Davey Fraser, Halifax, Nova Scotia, TM (11-11)
11. Kyle Sidle, Jonestown, Pennsylvania, Honda, (14-10)
12. Jared Stock, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Yamaha (13-12)
13. Joshua Clark, Lemington, Ontario, Honda (6-DNF)
14. Liam O’Farrell, Hamilton, Ontario, TM (7-DNF)
15. Todd Sewell, Calgary, Alberta, Yamaha (15-14)
16. Tyler Rayner, Waterford, Ontario, Kawasaki (19-13)
17. Kyle Chatham, Riverview, New Brunswick, Honda (18-15)
18. Tyler Medaglia, Kemptville, Ontario, Honda (12-DNF)
19. Ryan Lockhart, White Rock, British Columbia, Yamaha (12-DNF)
20. Eric Jeffery, Oshawa, Ontario, Kawasaki (17-19)
MX1 Pro Class Championship Standings


1. Matt Goerke, Lake Helen, Florida, Kawasaki – 342
2. Bobby Kiniry, Holland Patent, New York, Yamaha – 295
3. Dusty Klatt, Campbell River, British Columbia, KTM – 232
4. Gavin Gracyk, Blissfield, Ohio, Kawasaki – 192
5. Tyler Medaglia, Kemptville, Ontario, Honda – 182
6. Colton Facciotti, St. Thomas, Ontario, KTM – 175
7. Tyler Villopoto, Poulsbo, Washington, Kawasaki – 155
8. Morgan Burger, Nampa, Idaho, Kawasaki – 136
9. Jason Burke, Hamilton, Ontario, Honda – 122
10. Shawn Maffenbeier, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Yamaha – 76
11. Brock Hoyer, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Kawasaki – 76
12. Jaromir Romancik, Czech Republic, Kawasaki – 58
13. Joshua Clark, Lemington, Ontario, Honda – 56
14. Kyle Keast, Lindsay, Ontario, Yamaha – 54
15. Tim Tremblay, Dolbeau, Quebec, Kawasaki – 52
16. Liam O’Farrell, Hamilton, Ontario, TM – 50
17. Shawn Robinson, Gatineau, Quebec, Yamaha – 48
18. Bryar Perry, Woodland, California, Kawasaki – 43
19. PJ Stratton, Whitecourt, Alberta, Honda – 39
20. George De Graaf, Coalhurst, Alberta, Kawasaki – 38


MX2 Pro Class (Moto Finish)


1. Kaven Benoit, Drummondville, Quebec, KTM (1-1)
2. Teddy Maier, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Kawasaki (3-2)
3. Jeremy Medaglia, Kemptville, Ontario, KTM, (2-3)
4. Topher Ingalls, Templeton, California, KTM (4-4)
5. Jared Allison, Delburne, Alberta, Yamaha (5-6)
6. Brad Nauditt, Spokane, Washington, Honda (6-7)
7. Parker Allison, Delburne, Alberta, Yamaha (7-8)
8. Richard Grey, Keswick, Ontario, Yamaha (9-10)
9. Keylan Meston, Calgary, Alberta, Honda (8-15)
10. Jared Petruska, Calgary, Alberta, Kawasaki (12-12)
11. Drew Roberts, Alvinston, Ontario, Kawasaki (11-13)
12. Zach Deiana, Coleville, Saskatchewan, Suzuki (14-11)
13. Spencer Knowles, New Westminster, British Columbia, Yamaha (32-5)
14. Nathan Bles, Varna, Ontario, Honda (10-17)
15. Dylan Kaelin, Grand Bend, Ontario, Yamaha, (34-9)
16. Cam Fenton, Millgrove, Ontario, Kawasaki (16-14)
17. Stanly Clair, St-Joachim, Québec. Kawasaki (13-18)
18. Michael Dasilva, St Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, KTM (17-16)
19. Kade Walker, Chatsworth, Ontario, Yamaha (15-DNF)
20. Eric Jeffery, Oshawa, Ontario, Kawasaki (18-19)


MX2 Pro Class Championship Standings


1. Teddy Maier, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Kawasaki – 320
2. Jeremy Medaglia, Kemptville, Ontario, KTM – 293
3. Jared Allison, Delburne, Alberta, Yamaha – 208
4. Topher Ingalls, Templeton, California, Honda – 202
5. Brad Nauditt, Spokane, Washington, Honda – 192
6. Parker Allison, Delburne, Alberta, Yamaha – 170
7. Kyle Beaton, Surrey, British Columbia, Kawasaki – 168
8. Spencer Knowles, New Westminster, British Columbia, Yamaha –154
9. Dylan Kaelin, Grand Bend, Ontario, Yamaha – 153
10. Richard Grey, Keswick, Ontario, Yamaha – 145
11. Kaven Benoit, Drummondville, Quebec, KTM- 142
12. Ross Johnson,Tenino, Washington, Suzuki – 101
13. Keylan Meston, Calgary, Alberta, Honda – 73
14. Zach Deiana, Coleville, Saskatchewan, Suzuki – 68
15. Nathan Bles, Varna, Ontario, Honda – 59
16. Jared Petruska, Calgary, Alberta, Kawasaki – 47
17. Trae Franklin, Fort St John, British Columbia, Honda – 44
18. David Gassen, Arnold, California, Honda – 39
19. Nicky Beatty, Wyoming, Ontario, Yamaha – 37
20. Cody Woodworth, Palmer, Alaska, Yamaha – 36


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