MXP Chatter: Brett Metcalfe

After three rounds of the 2013 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals, Brett Metcalfe has a very impressive 35 point lead over Tyler Medaglia in the MX1 Class. This past weekend Brett had to overcome a very bad start in moto two and charge from back in the pack. His charge to the front made for one of the best motos we’ve seen in a long time as he had to battle with Jeremy Medaglia, Teddy Maier and Bobby Kiniry to eventually take the win. We caught up with Metty moments after this intense battle.



 MXP: That was a great moto Brett, a lot of fun to watch. I know you also went 1-1 last weekend in Kamloops, but that final moto today had to be the toughest so far?

BM123: Physically for sure, that moto was the toughest. I had to pass a lot of riders to get to the front so I was definitely going for it. The track today was tough and it was hard to pass guys so I had to get creative with my lines. It was a lot of fun.

MXP: You actually had a good start but something happened on the first lap, can you take us through what happen?

BM123: Yes, I had a great start again but just heading into the back I followed Tyler into a deep rut and he ended going down so I got stuck behind him for a few seconds. When that stuff happens on the first lap you end up losing a lot of positions pretty quick. Once I finally got going I knew we still had a long race ahead of us so I just put my head down and charged. The track had some really tough sections and it was pretty slippery early on in the moto, but we made a little change to my rear shock between motos and my bike was working really well.



MXP: Once you got into the top five the riders were obviously a little tougher to pass, but you had some great lines out there. That one sneaky inside line you had before the dragon back was a thing of beauty. You made up a lot of time there.

BM123: Yes, that was a real good one. It was actually really tough to get to. I kind of had to cross through some ruts on the entrance to that corner and then I could bomb to that inside rut, it was really fast. Going into a few corners out there the braking bumps were massive. The track was definitely challenging. The crew did a great job.

MXP: I noticed that in a few of those sections that we’re talking about you were doing some pretty cool things, not just from a racing stand point but from an actual riding standpoint. You were braking before the huge braking bumps and then accelerating through them. Sometimes you were wheel taping them so the front wheel wouldn’t grab one. It was really fun to watch and any rider sitting in the stands watching could learn from that.

BM123: Thanks, I really appreciate that and I’m glad you noticed. I do hope a few people noticed that stuff and maybe they could apply it to their riding, for sure. I’ve worked at this for a very long time. This is my fourth country that I raced a Championship series in so I do obviously have a lot of experience. On days when the track gets rough and there are tricky sections like today, that’s when all the experience and all the little techniques that you’ve spent years perfecting come into play.

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MXP: Like you said, you’ve raced all over the world and have been very successful, but you’ve also seen the other side recently with injuries and bad luck. When you have a battle like you did today and come out on top, how good does that make you feel?

BM123: It just makes you feel so good and it reminds you that all the struggles and sacrifices that you’ve put yourself through are well worth it. I don’t think anyone gave up today and we all raced hard. I think the speed was fastest in the second moto so that made it even harder to get to the front.

MXP: Once you got into second were there any thoughts to maybe waiting to get by Bobby so he wouldn’t pick up on your lines? Once you passed him he started using your lines and he stayed real close.

BM123: No, not at all. I was coming through the pack so good and I had so much momentum that I didn’t want to wait and then get stuck there. I was able to get Teddy quick and then a few laps later I got Bobby then I just tried to get away. I actually didn’t have a choice either because the roost hurt too much to stay behind them, and I was out of tear-offs so my options were limited.

MXP: This is my last question and then you can go and get cleaned up. Out of the first three tracks, was today your favourite so far?

Bm123: I really did like the track today but I think last weekend was my favourite. That Kamloops track was a lot of fun and I felt really good there. I’m happy so far. Everyone told me the first track would be the worst and then the rest are pretty good. We’ll see how next weekend goes, and then we head east it should be fun.

MXP: Okay, thanks Brett. Keep enjoying that red plate and we’ll talk soon.

BM123: Alright, thanks mate.

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