MXP Chatter: Colton Facciotti

With only a few days left before round one of the 2013 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals in Nanaimo, BC, Colton Facciotti is ready to go. After missing much of last summer with a shoulder injury, Colton is healed up, fit and very happy with the off-season of testing that he and his KTM team had. On the eve of the 2013 season, we caught up with the easy going Aldergrove, BC native to see how excited he is for round one.



Q: Hey Colton, it’s been awhile since we last spoke, how did the off-season go for you?


A: It was okay. I had a few issues to deal with. First thing was that I injured my shoulder a little bit while training, then that healed up and I ended up breaking a couple toes while riding in California. Once those things got cleared up and we got back down to GPF, things started to improve and we got some good work done.


Colton Facciotti

Q: How do you feel right now compared to last year at this time? Do you feel a lot better?


A. I wouldn’t say that I feel a lot better; certainly some things are better so that’s good. I have been with the team now for a year so I definitely feel more comfortable. The bike is really good right now, Joe Skidd has the suspension working great and Andrew has the motor strong. I think we’re in a real good place right now. All we need to do now is go racing.



Q: You must be really excited to see a gate drop in front of you? It’s been a while.


A: Yes, it has been a while hasn’t it. I’m pretty excited to get this thing going and see where everyone stands. I’ve been in this position before where I haven’t raced in a long time. In 2010 I got hurt halfway through the year and sat out a while. When things got going again the following year I didn’t skip a beat. I’ve been at this a while and I know what to do to be ready for round one, so my absence from racing doesn’t bother me.



Q: Like you said, you’ve been at this a long time and you know what to do. Do you spend any time thinking about who you’re going to be racing against at round one?


A: I think it’s a huge waste of time to worry about who might be fast or who is new to the series. I just go about my business and try to get myself ready. I feel like if I’m ready than the rest takes care of itself. You can only control what you’re doing, not what anyone else is doing.



Q: Do you like that the series starts out West?


A: It really doesn’t matter to me. I like the tracks out there and I seem to do well on them, but if the series started in the east then that would work also. I guess it’s cool that since I am from BC, my family gets to come to Nanaimo and watch the opening round. I haven’t seen them for a long time so it will be good to see everyone this weekend.


Colton Facciotti cover


Q: I don’t think you get enough credit for just how tough a rider you are. Last year you tried to race with a badly injured shoulder. How painful was that race at Gopher Dunes.?


A: (laughs) I don’t know if I’m tough or not, it just seems like part of the job I guess. Gopher last year was really tough for sure, but I’ve been in situations before where I had to ride hurt, just like a lot of riders out there. Getting hurt is part of racing and when you do get hurt, but you can still ride. You just have to suck it up and try it. Sometimes it works and like you saw last year, sometimes it doesn’t. Hopefully we won’t have to go through that again.



Q: For 2013, you have a new mechanic. How is Donk working out so far?


A: He is great. We’re getting along pretty good so far. He was able to come down to GPF with me and help me out down there. I only knew him a little bit before that so it was good to be able to spend some time together and get to know each other. I think he is exactly what I need right now in my career and hopefully we can win a championship together this summer.


Q: Okay Colton, last question. How is your new house?


A: It’s great. We’ve been here since February and so far so good. I actually haven’t spent much time here because I’ve been down south training but since I’ve been home I really love it.


Q: Colton, thanks for doing this. Have a safe flight on Friday and we’ll see you in Nanaimo. Good luck this summer!


A: Thanks Palms, it should be a good summer.