MXP Chatter: Richard Grey



It’s hard to believe that Richard Grey is only eighteen years-old because he has been involved in this sport for so long. Always one of the most stylish riders on the track, Richard has honed his skills for many years hoping to one day get into the position he is now. For 2013, he is back with the Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha team, riding in the MX2 class. With an off-season of hard training under his belt, Richard is ready to compete for a championship in this summer’s Monster Energy Motocross Nationals.

MXP: Hey Richard, we’re up at Moto Park and you just finished a good weekend of racing. You looked to be in great shape out there. How was the off-season for you?

RG20: It was really good. I am finished high school now so I can now do this full time. I went down to South Carolina for February and March to ride and train. I didn’t want to go down there for too long because I knew I’d get burnt out. It’s going to be a long season and I want to stay fresh for the entire summer.

 MXP: I heard from some sources that you also worked really hard in the gym before you went to South Carolina?

RG20: Yes, pretty much from October to when I went down south I was at the gym training and getting stronger. I feel like I’ve always been a smooth rider but this summer I want to be strong as well.

MXP: Where did you stay in South Carolina?

RG20: At a facility called “South of the Border”. It was great. They had a hotel right there so I literally rode my bike from the hotel room to the track. There were also a lot of fast guys there all the time to ride with; sometimes Cooper Webb would show up and moto with us. I had a great time. When I came home I felt ready to go.

 MXP: So we’re now less than two weeks away from round one in Nanaimo. Is it safe to say that you feel better prepared than ever?

RG20: Oh for sure, I just feel like I have a completely different mindset this year. I know I’ve put in the work so now it’s just whatever happens on the track happens. I know what I am capable of so I just need to go and do it. I am lucky that I have a great team behind me, and a very supportive family and girlfriend. All I need to do is go to the track and do my best.

 MXP: Of the four tracks you will be racing out west, which one is your favourite?

RG20: I don’t really mind any of them, but my favourite is Calgary, for sure. I like the way that track flows. The jumps are also fun and the elevation changes are cool.


MXP: You mentioned your team earlier, this will be your second year with the OTSFF team and you will have another rider under the tent. This summer it will be you, Bobby Kiniry and Shawn Maffenbeier. How are things going with the team?

 RG20: So far things are great. It’s just continuing on from 2012. Last year I met the team’s expectations and I hope I can do it again this year. Having Bobby K as a teammate is awesome. He’s an older guy who has a ton of experience both here and in the USA, but he’s also a really nice guy who doesn’t hesitate to help me and give me advice. I am really looking forward to this year. We’ve added Shawn Maffenbeier to the team this year and he is a great kid. Hopefully we can all stay healthy and have a great summer.

MXP: In stock form the 2013 YZF250 hasn’t changed much from last year. How is your race bike in comparison?

RG20: Well, we knew coming into this year that we had to make our bike better. For the first time we’ll be racing against some pretty good riders on two-strokes so we needed to be ready. My race bike is really good this year, I feel comfortable on it and I think it’s ready to go for Nanaimo.

MXP: That brings me to my next question regarding the new two-stroke rule. So far in Ontario you’ve been racing every weekend with Liam O’Farrell on his KTM two-stroke and he rides it pretty well. Have you learned anything from racing him on that bike that might help you once the MX2 series begins?

RG20: Oh definitely. It’s a little different racing those bikes. They’re better in some spots so you have to watch it. I feel like you have to ride almost perfectly to beat them. They’re faster from corner to corner but I think the 250Fs can hit the insides better and hook up, so that is where I have to be fast. It’s tough for sure, because as you know, it’s hard to always hit your corners right. I like the new rule because I think it’s going to make some great racing for the fans this summer.

MXP: I agree, this summer is going to see some great racing. Alright Richard, I’ll let you go to get cleaned up. Thank you for doing this and we’ll see you at the Nationals this summer. Good luck!

RG20: Thanks a lot, hopefully we can having another chat at Walton after I have a good summer racing.