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MXP Top 20 Canadians – #20 Zach Deiana

Welcome to week one of the MXP Top 20 Ranking!  This is the list we have compiled of what we feel are the 20 best Canadian riders. Yeah, we know it is always debatable but that is the beauty of off-season bench racing. We will start at 20 and work our way towards our number one.

Meet our first rider, number 20 in MXP Rankings Zach Deiana.

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Saskatchewan has produced great racers, namely the multi-time champion and X Games gold medalist Blair Morgan. Morgan set the pace and made it tangible that even kids from this flat province could dream big and go far in motocross. Youngster Zach Deiana is amongst the very best in a crop of fast kids coming up in Canadian motocross and happens to be from Saskatchewan. The Canadian motocross community has been watching the speedster battling the best amateurs at both Raymond and Walton for years, but in the past two seasons he has been developing his skills on the National stage. As part of the Murphy Motorsport Suzuki team, Deiana competed in the MX2 Pro/Am class as an Intermediate and battled the very best MX2 riders in Canada. It began with goals of landing in the feature events, learning to work through long motos towards this season and battling each moto for national points.

“Zach Deiana has all the tools to become a Canadian champion. Great family, all heart and he’s a social networking ambassador as far as Canadian racers go,” said MXP Editor Ryan Gauld.  “2013 will mark his first full year in the Pro class. No more yellow plates for this kid. Coming from the small town of Kindersley, SK, opportunities are few and far between. Racing picked Zach, and now it’s up to him to achieve what many of us think he can do. I’m betting next year if we do this list again, he will be a lot closer to top 10”.

In 2012, with a year of Nationals under his belt, Deiana took his speed to another level and earned National #29, finishing 14th overall in the MX2 National series. Along the way he placed an impressive 4th in the second moto at the Nanaimo National and ended the year with a 2012 MX1 Intermediate National Championship at Walton TransCan,

“I got the chance to follow Zach this year at Walton,” said Walton TransCan Manager Mark Perrin. “He obviously has a lot of skill on the bike, but I was impressed with how relaxed he was with people and on the mic. He seems like a great kid, and at an event with a lot of impressive young riders he stood out as a future star.”

Here is the spread in our 5th edition of MXP magazine 2012 of Zach. Click to enlarge images.

Or click the following pdf below and read about Zach in that issue on pages 112-114

2013 National number: 29

Follow Zach on Twitter: @ZDeiana215

MXPFilms with Zach

[vimeo id=”49326133″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

2013 will be another stepping stone for Deiana. Pro plates are often carry a little extra weight but being his third season on the National starting line, he has some experience to fall back on that other rookie Pros do not. There is a lot of upside in this rider’s career to go with plenty of speed he showed in 2012, and that is why he comes in at number 20 in the MXP Rankings.


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